As Adnan Sami turns actor, a peek at 4 other popular singers who acted in films

As Adnan makes a foray into acting, we recall the number of times audience was subjected to mighty terrible acting by a singer-turned-actor.

Singer Adnan Sami  is making a foray into acting with the movie, Afghan-In Search of a Home, with Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru. Adnan Sami who shot to fame with his song Lift Kara De has signed his first film as an actor and we will reportedly see him play an Afghani musician in the film. While we are yet to see how will he fare through this challenge, we recall the number of times audience was subjected to mighty terrible acting by a singer-turned-actor. For the starters, think about Sonu Nigam in Jaani Dushaman. *Shudders* 

Sonu Nigam in Jaani Dushman and Love in Nepal

Everything was great until Sonu Nigam attempted to do ‘something different’ in Rajkumar Kohli’s Jaani Dushman and later Love in Nepal. We would like to stay with Jaani Dushman for all our sadistic pleasures. And different it was ’cause needless to say, Sonu Nigam’s performance scarred the audience for the rest of their lives. Even though he delivered only a few dialogues in the movie, no actor in the history of cinema would have managed to make himself look so bad and yet so earnest as he did.

He played Sunny Deol’s younger step-brother in the movie and just like the plot line of the film, his acting left much to be desired.
Sonu Nigam Jaani Dushman

Actual footage of the audience after seeing Sonu Nigam in Jaani Dushman :


Himesh Reshammiya in Aap Kaa Surroor (with a double ‘r’)

Before we start with singer, music composer and actor, Himesh Reshammiya , it is really important to mention here that Himesh’s first album Aap kaa Surroor  (2006) is the highest selling album in India. Yes, believe your eyes. His songs and his peculiar nasal voice created sensation throughout the nation but then Aap kaa Surroor , the movie, happened in 2007.

Himesh Reshammiya

God bless? All the best? He knew it all along.

If there is an award for being as wooden as possible, could someone please pass it along to Mr Reshammiya?

The audience came. They watched. They left. Crying, we think.


Sukhwinder Singh in Kucch Kariye

For the Chhaiya Chhaiya singer Sukhwinder Singh, the acting opportunity came with Kucch Kariye. Don’t know how many would remember the movie. We didn’t.

Apparently, the producers initially approached the singer for singing a song but then decided to make him one of the lead actors. Fairytales do come true. Sukhwinder thought about it for about an entire month and delivered a mind-boggling performance. For those of you who haven’t got the chance to watch Sukhwinder’s spectacular performance, here’s a glimpse:


Wow. Medusa would have quaked at this, let alone a mere mortal.

Yo Yo Honey Singh in Zorawar

The Punjabi rap artist, Yo Yo Honey Singh did a full-fledged male lead role in a Punjabi movie, Zorawar and left the audience saying No No Honey Singh.

We asked Honey Singh what was he trying to do and his response was this:


Although we’re looking forward to Adnan Sami’s debut in Afghan- In Search Of a Home, the skeptic in us is wary.

We still cannot say much about Adnan at this moment and it is only better we wait and watch for the movie to release. Meanwhile, his fans are happy at the news:


We are definitely not trying to diss Sami’s entry into films as an actor, what with Lucky Ali in Sur-The Melody of Life, Ayushmann Khurana in Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Vicky Donor and more, Aditya Narayan in Shaapit and not to forget, Diljit Dosanjh in Phillauri – we have seen some great performances by singer-turned-actors. But we cannot be faulted for being wary having the performances of Himesh Reshammiya, Sukhwinder Singh and Sonu Nigam thrust upon us to prove that just because you get offered a job, it does not mean you should take it up. All the best for your venture, Mr Sami. We hope you do not disappoint.

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