8 Tanmay Bhat tweets that truly deserve a place in the hall of fame

Twitter is witnessing a pretty sensible Tanmay Bhat who's asking pragmatic questions. He's political yet uncontroversial and we're not complaining.

Think of Tanmay Bhat, and you immediately remember the infamous AIB Roast, the controversial Snapchats and  tweets. TBH, most of us have laughed at his jokes and even if you don’t admit it, we’ve all chuckled at his yet hilarious tweets.

A close look at his Twitter will reveal how his tweets have become increasingly political. But wait, not controversial. Tanmay Bhat has never shied away from politics but he’s totally turned around his Twitter game this time and we’re not complaining. In fact, it’s got even better because neither is he being a quintessential funnyman and cracking jokes on authorities nor is he digging for controversies. What we’re witnessing now is a pretty sensible Tanmay Bhat who’s asking pragmatic questions.

Check out some of his tweets:

1. Tanmay throwing some words of wisdom on your face!

2. Clearly, Tanmay isn’t a RaGa fan.

3. This one’s gonna sting a little. Oops!

4. There’s nothing wrong with questioning our PM, right? He’s our PM after all!

5. Tanmay, you sweet, caring bloke!

6. Admit it, we’re all thinking the same thing.

7. Okay, this is a pretty savage burn. Calm down Tanmay, calm down.

8.  That’s Tanmay Bhat reminding you to be fair.

Nothing controversial here guys, peace!