7 times KRK proved he is the best dancer in Bollywood

Kamaal Rashid Khan is probably not the first name that pops into your head when you hear the word dance. We’re here to change that. Forever. By the end of this article, you’ll probably be a KRK fan, or you’ll be scarred enough to never dance in your life again.

KRK has done a lot of successful and critically acclaimed movies like Deshdrohi, Deshdrohi and…erm, Deshdrohi. While everyone noticed his excellent dialogue delivery, inimitable expressions and charm that’d put Hrithik Roshan to shame, there’s one thing most of us failed to notice- his savage dancing skills. If you think this is sarcasm, these GIFs will make you think again.

Here are 7 times KRK made major contributions to the world of dancing:

First of all, learn how to make an entry. KRKx3 bichez *kamehamehaaaaaaaa intensifies*

If you’re filmy but constipated, KRK just invented the perfect step:

Here’s the Lungi dance that gives people feels. All kinds of feels:

Got invited to a Jagrata last minute and have no moves planned? KRK got you covered!

Who says Bhangra = energy. You can be dead inside and still ‘balle balle‘ all day says KRK:

Reverse dabbing. You’re welcome.

Yeah so what if Remo Dsouza killed himself after watching this. That proves nothing. The only reason those 17 people saw Flying Jatt was because of this video. You go KRK

In conclusion, we’d like to say, we’re in love with the shape of KRK. Haters, go take a hike.

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