Bollywood finally made a film on incest, I am Roshni, but is our audience adult enough to handle it?

When Bollywood decided to touch upon a subject which is both a social taboo and considered an act against nature. Read on

Bollywood is beginning to talk about a lot of subjects. From infertility to undertrials to gay relationships, there are countless examples of content-driven films. And this is not just any content, it is content that is showing a mirror to the society and painting a reflection which is way more believable. It talks about the diversity of personalities and sexual preferences, it talks about rape and rape culture that is so easily channelized at the roots of our society. It talks about the inclusion of people who do not have the same values or thoughts as the majority of the society. Cinema is making a progress, which may be gradual, but it is there nonetheless.

Similarly, when the trailer of I am Roshni began making the rounds on social media, it had to become the talk of the town. Especially because of the subject it dealt with. I am Roshni is the first ever film in our history of cinema to talk about the forbidden topic of incest.

Telling the tale of Roshni who has always been oppressed within her household, this film will look at an emotionally vulnerable human being, struggling to find some solace in her brother.

Produced by Crescendo Films, the producers of the film made it very clear that it had no intention to malign the brother-sister bond. In a public statement, Suresh Thomas, head of Crescendo Music and Films said:

Though I Am Roshni is a film that deals with incest, it is far from being a sleazy film. In fact, the film carries a strong social message, highlighting bad parental upbringing. It is crafted in an emotionally sensitive manner that will make viewers deeply empathise with the two innocent protagonists.

The film does not just focus on incest, it shows a hostile father-daughter relationship, an indifferent mother and also features a perverted uncle, making the film touch upon the subject of sexual abuse within the household.

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The film will be the debt for stars Ankita Parihar and Yash Rajpara and seems to be one of those films where you will indeed resonate with people who have dealt with sexual abuse at a young age or had parents who were anything but encouraging.

Watch trailer:

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