This woman got arrested for listening to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You

Apparently, listening to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You can now get you arrested. No, we are not even kidding.

With people becoming more and more uptight about everything, here we are with another bizarre incident. Apparently, listening to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You can now get you arrested. No, we are not even kidding. Just ask the British woman who was slammed with an arrest warrant for listening to the top-charting jam.

The woman who has been identified as Sonia Bryce was blasting the pop song on repeat for around a half an hour before her neighbours Clare and Jonathan Tidmarsh filed a complaint against her. Perhaps the Tidmarshes were having trouble putting their five kids to bed.

Ed Sheeran

The neighbours were so annoyed that they started to dislike Shape of You, a song they used to like. Mrs Tidmarsh said that the noise was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

The 36-year-old woman, who has previously served a six-week sentence for breaching noise injunction several times, will now be serving eight weeks behind bars. Absurd, ain’t it?

Ms Bryce outright denied all allegations against her. In fact, in her defence in court, she said, “I don’t even like Ed Sheeran.” Sadly for her, the judge paid no heed to her argument and slammed her with the sentence.

Sonia Bryce

Sonia Bryce (Courtesy: Facebook)

“You must learn that you should behave as a reasonable and responsible adult and not make life for your neighbours the misery that you have,” Judge Philip Gregory told her.

“Everyone is entitled to live in a degree of peace and quiet with the usual give and take of society,” the judge added. “But you do not behave like a civilised person and you have got to learn that you will.”

Guess we gotta be careful with this song. It might be addictive but we never know which one of our neighbours are holding a grudge against us. Or, we can simply shell out some cash on earphones.