It's 2018 And This Matrimonial Ad Only Wants Rich, Beautiful 'Achievers'

This matchmaking portal only serves 'stars of the society' because being successful means being rich, right?

Have you ever thought over what makes you a ‘young achiever’? A good education? A successful career? An accomplishment you can be proud of? Wake up and smell the coffee! According to a front-page ad in The Hindu, if you’re a girl, the only thing you need to do to be an achiever is be ‘beautiful’!

An ad put out by Young Achievers Matrimony (YAM), an ‘exclusive matchmaking service for the stars of the society’, invites people for a matrimonial meet in Bengaluru. But not everybody who is looking to get married can apply. According to the ad, only those youngsters who belong to ultra-rich families, have a qualification from top universities like IITs, IIMs etc or are the likes of IAS, IRS and so on can apply.

If you haven’t yet been tempted to spend Rs 10,000-Rs 25,000 on the registration fee, they also offer veg lunch and high tea! Now how can you say no to that?

As is mentioned on YAM‘s website, ‘Compromise is simply not an option for you, or for us.’ But why bother to write so many words when you only need to mention ‘We are elitist AF‘? Beneath the picture of glittering diamond rings, they also mention that they don’t believe in technology (because who cares if you’re living in the stone age, right?) but promise to exceed your gold-digging expectations:

“Our professional and personalized approach will ensure that the prospects you meet through us will complement your elite status and meets all your expectations.”

Their office might be situated in Bengaluru but their ‘clients are all over the world’ — because if you’re rich you can’t ignore the NRIs, can you?

Mr and Mrs Sreeram may have been dead-serious about their ad but tweeps pretty much aren’t:

TNM spoke to Sreeram N and he was more concerned about whether his event at the 5-star hotel would go unattended,

“We have made the mistake of putting beautiful girls under achievers category. Now, all of India is criticising us. Who will come to the event now?”

So, if you’re a ‘successful entrepreneur’ or ‘highly recognised young achiever’, now you know where NOT to go on August 12.