This bearded dragon got sworn-in as police officer in Arizona to lead war on drugs

In Arizona's Avondale AZ Police Department, bearded dragons lead the war against drugs.

Life in Arizona is not easy, especially if you’re hiding from the law. Why, you may ask? ‘Cause the law enforcers there have a dragon. Okay, maybe it’s not the dragon that you’re hoping to find. It’s a bearded dragon which is basically just a lizard. But it’s still pretty rad, innit?

The Avondale Police Department just listed the lizard as an official cop. It is said that lizards have a better sense of smell as compared to dogs and can be used for effective drug detection. “Research has shown that reptiles possess a strong sense of smell making their ability to detect certain illicit drugs possibly more accurate than K9s,” an announcement on Facebook stated. So, if you’re a drug dealer in Arizona, be afraid, be very afraid.

The lizard was included in the Police Department as an April Fool’s prank last year but soon, it became an integral part of the organisation. So, a few days back, the Avondale Police Department held a swearing-in ceremony for the bearded dragon, who is named Iroh. Wait, a dragon named Iroh? Why does that sound kinda familiar?

(Courtesy: GIPHY)

Anyway, Iroh was honoured with a badge that he totally earned. The police department posted a few photos of the Iroh proudly donning his badge. “Time for an update on Iroh’s Adventures. Iroh got sworn in today by Chief Nannenga, Iroh is official! #IrohAdventures,” the Facebook post read.

The story of Iroh’s adventures has since gone viral. One Facebook user wrote, “This is th best piece of news I have heard in a long time!! Great Job Officer Iroh!!!” This is pretty much the happiest moment for animal lovers.