Bill Gates gives epic career advice to young students on how to succeed. These 14 tweets are a must read!

Bill Gates has passed on some amazing career advice to the young and aspiring college graduates. Here's what he has to say

When the richest man in the world, Bill Gates gives you career advice you take it. Every aspiring young man who aims to do well in his life has been trying to dig the secret of Bill Gates crazy success. One of the hardest decision that students have to make is to choose an appropriate course. Analysing and figuring out what course has more scope in the future is one tough decision to make.

Starting from what courses students can take up to the qualities they need to possess, Bill gates came forward to hand out bits of advice to youngsters aspiring to make it big. Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist even listed out a number of things that he wished he had known when he was young.

He also has some regrets:

This is what he think you should do maintain your sanity as you strive ahead

This is what Bill gates graduation present to the young college students will be

Urging the youth to make the most of life, Bill gates affirms that this “an amazing time to be alive”

Wise words!