Bengaluru Man's Pothole Fixing Challenge Is Encouraging People To Repair Roads Themselves

Prashanth decided to take things in his hand after he saw a one-and-a-half-foot-deep pothole that wasn't fixed by BBMP till now.

After challenges like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, bang bang dare and Fitness Challenge that took Twitter by storm, here’s a challenge that might just end up making your life easier.  A Bengaluru resident Prashanth Maruru, who fixed a pothole all by himself near his house on Magadi Road started a trend that is being followed by people across the country.

35-year-old Prashanth, a non-teaching staffer at an engineering college on Magadi Road, posted pictures of potholes on Facebook with a caption, “Road closing challenge .. Receiving ?? As a bike rider, I know of the disasters caused by road pits. But the problem is that the system does not shut down because it does not close them. So today I use a cement-gravel-sand in a nearby road and close the two buttons. It does not cost more than Rs 30. It’s a temporary solution though. If you can, accept this challenge. Get local administration assistance if necessary. Not only Bangalore, but also the whole of Karnataka is free.” He also challenged his friends to take up the pothole challenge.

“As a two-wheeler rider, I know the problems. Potholes are responsible for many accidents that take place across the city. They damage vehicles too. When it rains, they become even more dangerous because they can’t be seen,” he told Bangalore Mirror.

Prashanth decided to take things in his hand after he saw a one-and-a-half-foot-deep pothole that wasn’t fixed by BBMP till now. He told the leading daily that he purchased sand, cement and jelly stones and started filling the pothole. He further said, “It didn’t even cost me much. If each one of us starts doing this, imagine how many potholes we can fix. We always depend on government agencies, but we know these things take time.”

Soon his friends accepted the challenge and started fixing potholes near their homes.