Astronaut posts throwback photo, another 'India during Diwali' image is born

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli posted a throwback image of India from space. The result? Another (incorrect) viral image of 'India during Diwali'.

GUYS. Mark October 19, 2017 as a historical event of firecracker proportions. Select ‘day-long’ reminder because you totally want to remember and celebrate the fruition of all of your exemplary social media efforts. For on that day, a new image fell victim to the ‘India during Diwali’ syndrome.

Paolo Nespoli, astronaut with the European Space Agency, whose Twitter feed is a veritable goldmine of gorgeous photos from space (including a recent one of Typhoon Lan moving towards Japan) shared a throwback image of India on October 19 with a caption wishing everyone a Happy Diwali.

The image was originally posted by Nespoli on his Flickr account a few days ago on September 29th, and is therefore NOT a photo from space of what India looks like during Diwali.

Paolo Nespoli- image of india

Paolo Nespoli’s image of India from space dated Sept 29, 2017


Here’s the tweet that’s behind a lot of incorrect headlines today:

The tweet has over 5.3K retweets and 8.6K favourites, in case you needed us to point out the obvious and the comments range from ‘wow’…

.. to ‘that’s not a Diwali image’:

One image, so much entertainment. Looking forward to memes of the ‘latest’ Diwali image? Same, you guys. Same.

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