American Indians' reaction to Trump's Hindi is hilarious!

Trump goes Modi way with Hindi tagline

In a bid to garner votes and strengthen his American-Indian and Hindu vote bank, US Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently released an ad campaign in Hindi.

“Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar,” the republican candidate said imitating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2014 ad campaign.

While Trump might have had all the good intentions in his heart when he released the video, it certainly didn’t go down well with the American-Indian community, who apparently couldn’t understand a word of ‘Trump’s Hindi’.

The team of Jimmy Kimmel Live went on streets to ask if the American Indians could understand Trump’s Hindi and the reactions were absolutely funny!

Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live1, (Photo: Facebook/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

That’s no Hindi!


Jimmy Kimmel, Facebook, Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live1, (Photo: Facebook/Jimmy Kimmel)

I don’t understand what he said.


Jimmy Kimmel, Donald Trump,

Jimmy Kimmel Live1, (Photo: Facebook/Jimmy Kimmel)

That was quite funny!


Jimmy Kimmel, Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live3, (Photo: Facebook/Jimmy Kimmel)

I kinda hate him.


Jimmy Kimmel, Donald trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live5, (Photo: Facebook/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

With my orange face, I’ll rule the world.