After realising Snapdeal isn't Snapchat, Indians troll Miranda Kerr for fiancé Spiegel's alleged 'poor India' comment

Australian model Miranda Kerr is now getting attacked on Instagram over fiancé and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel's 'poor India' comment.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel created an uproar after his alleged “poor countries like India” statement went viral. Enraged Indians struck back at Spiegel by pledging to boycott the multimedia mobile application. Now, Spiegel’s fiancée Australian model Miranda Kerr has fallen prey to these “upholders of India’s honour”.

“This app is only for rich people…I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain,” Spiegel had allegedly stated. The statement was made by a former Snapchat employee Anthony Pompliano in 2015, who claimed to have been quoting Spiegel.

Now, Miranda Kerr’s Instagram is being flooded with hateful comments for her partner’s alleged “ill-doings”. Recently, Kerr posted a picture on Instagram. The innocent and completely unrelated post was bombarded with several furious comments about how Kerr should keep her fiancé in check.

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Oh poor girl … Educate ur boyfriend or husband wtever he is…Teach some manners ..tell him Think 1000times before utter a word about India and Indian ppl …,” commented one Instagrammer while another said, “Tell your idiot husband we don’t bombs other countries and kill innocent children and people.

One deeply hurt user went on a full-fledged rant and summarised his feelings in this concise comment:

“Tell your man to get educated about countries he knows nothing of. India has so much wealth, ask the British, they stole a lot of it when they were there. Tell him to visit the country before a big public figure like him decides to comment on it. India is an amazing beautiful country with rich people and rich hearts. Every country has its poverty, so does America. He should not be so quick to generalise a whole country and people. If he knows nothing of India, has never visited, he has no right to speak on what it’s like. Indians welcome you and your family to come and see all our love and wealth and food and culture. Surely he will have a different opinion.”

Some of the haters were so dedicated, they went back to an older post and wrote “Ur partner is racist scumbag,” on one of them.


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Thankfully, not everything was resentful and irrational. Some of the more sound people defended Kerr against such Indians with one of them commenting, “I apologise on behalf of my entire country.. It’s disgraceful to see them spamming you for something you have no part in…

Earlier, Indian Snapchat users decided to uninstall the app and also started submitting bad reviews. Blinded by their anger, some even started uninstalling online marketplace app Snapdeal mistakenly.