A sexist app that “exposes” women wearing makeup has started an online war

The 'Makeapp' app removes makeup from pictures and many people claim that it's a plot to make men think women are ugly

We’ve all heard of the “take her swimming on the first date” thingy because apparently, it’s very important for guys to know what a girl looks like without makeup. The idea that women look different when they wear makeup makes them jittery for some reason.

A company called Magic Unicorn Inc (much wow) came up with an app called ‘Makeapp’ that removes and applies makeup to your pictures. While it seems harmless, it’s causing controversies for all the wrong reasons.

Check out some of the reviews:

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The app has polarized opinions online, with the majority of people saying it’s a plot to make men think that all women are ugly. The app is also receiving a lot of hate from makeup lovers around the world. Here is what they have to say:

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On the flip side, a few men on the internet opine that women need to stop being so ‘fragile’. They need to know that it’s okay to be seen without makeup and the fact that men have an app to figure out how they look without makeup is no way ‘offensive’ or ‘sexist’. Here’s what they’re saying:

Here’s what the founder, Ashot Gabrelyano, has to say:

What do you think about the entire fiasco? Check out the app right here and tell us what you think!