Judwaa: 9 things that wouldn't happen if it was remade with a female lead

Why didn't you cast female lead in the double role for the iconic Judwaa movie, David Dhawan? Here is what would have happened had he done so

Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Rambha-starrer, Judwaa was directed by David Dhawan and hit the screens in 1997. While Salman Khan may have earned brownie points for playing a double role with panache, there are several things that would never happen had a woman been the lead actor. Has already been done in Seeta aur Geeta, you say? Well, we agree. But despite certain shared traits, Judwaa is about as similar to that epic Hema Malini-starrer as can be possible.

Whether it was young Raja pinching the waist of a fisherwoman in the opening credits or whether it was the older version of the road-side tapori that had a weakness towards women’s butts that he absolutely had to slap, the film had plenty to make us cringe. So we imagined a situation where Judwaa’s been remade with a woman at the helm playing a double role, instead of Salman Khan. As Varun Dhawan preps for the release of Judwaa 2, we break down scenes from the original film that would have played differently had a lady played the female equivalent of Raja and Prem.

1. It’s highly unlikely that a man would have been smacked on his butt just because he bent over to pick something up. 

2. Karishma’s character in our version would obviously have to be played by a man, meaning he will NOT be portrayed as inefficient. Because men are smooth, women are prone to accidents. LOL.

3. Karisma’s character, a woman who knows her mind and isn’t afraid to express her feelings was mocked using sleazy innuendos. Would definitely never happen to a man who seeks to approach, pursue and even eve-tease a woman. Obviously.

4. The idea of a man forcing himself on a woman and randomly kissing her in public without consent would not have been termed as comedy.

5. This bathtub scene would have played out very, very differently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. Casual sexism, flavoured with demands of a man trying his best to get into woman’s pants would probably not have existed at all. 

7. Making inappropriate suggestions that allude to sex and a woman’s capacity to handle it would not have been made because no one can challenge that someone’s manhood, right?

8. A father telling his future son-in-law that his daughter is waiting upstairs in the bedroom would have never made the cut.

9. And they would have found a better spot for the meeting of the sistaaas!

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Did this make you feel uncomfortable? Well, obviously. You’re not used to seeing things from a woman’s perspective too often. For decades, Bollywood has objectified, belittled and used women as comedic bait for this to seem ‘normal’.

We can only hope that in the upcoming Varun Dhawan reprise, Taapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandes haven’t been subject to the original misogynistic ideas that reduce a woman to an object merely to be looked at and that Judwaa 2 may be a more progressive film than its first installation. Extreme optimism, till proved wrong.

Screenshots Source: YouTube /Shemaroo

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