5 Supermoon myths that will leave you shivering

The spookiest supermoon of the century is out in the sky and we are ready to meet the vampires!

Brace yourselves fellas, for it’s the Supermoon tonight- the biggest and most stunning astronomical event of the century.

For those of you have no clue what supermoon is, here’s a clue.

Supermoon in a full moon or a new moon that coincides with the moon’s closest point to Earth while it’s orbiting the Earth. What’s more? This event was last observed on January 26, 1948 (that’s right 68 years earlier) and will repeat on November 25, 2034.

Before you get busy gazing the night sky, here are five myths about Supermoon that will leave you shivering:

Supermoon makes people crazy
The word ‘lunacy’ is derived from the word ‘lunar’. Legends hold that supermoon is associated with the rise in suicides and epileptic seizures.

Supermoon can cause natural disasters
Supermoons can cause natural disaster including earthquakes and gigantic tidal waves. Now that we think, a series of earthquakes did jolt New Zealand’s South island today.

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Supermoon increases paranormal activities
For centuries, supermoons have been associated with paranormal activities including ghosts, demons deviant behaviour and even werewolves.

Supermoon eclipse heralds the end of world
Some cultures associate supermoons that coincide with four lunar eclipses as a sign of the end of the world or apocalypse.

Supermoon impacts women’s fertility cycles
According to ancient texts, the moon was used to determine when a woman could get pregnant. Ancient Assyrian texts even gave advice regarding pregnancy to women.
FYI, there is no scientific explanation behind any of these myths. So in case you were waiting for a vampire to crawl from beneath your bed, you might end up waiting for a long time.