10 tweets about Serena Williams winning 2017 Australian Open while pregnant that will cleanse your soul

Adopt us, Serena Williams.

Real-life Wonder Woman, Serena Williams, shared a photograph of herself in a swimsuit bearing the caption, ’20 weeks’. An announcement that has since then sent Twitter into a meltdown because if she is indeed 20 weeks pregnant then she played, and won, her 23rd Grand Slam win while she was with a child. A human being was growing inside her while she slayed the 2017 Australian Open. As a Twitter user says, till the time a man can find a way to play a sport while pregnant, Serena Williams will go down in history as the greatest athlete ever.

The photo has since been deleted, but her representatives released a statement confirming the news. The 35-year-old who is engaged to the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, will return to No. 1 world ranking next week. This January, while playing the Aussie Open, she defeated Venus Williams creating a record for most Grand Slam singles wins. She has since then not played any match.

After news of her pregnancy spread like wildfire, and fans figured out that she was two months pregnant when she last played professional tennis, the meltdown that followed has been threatening to break the internet. So in no order whatsoever, here are 10 of the best tweets to have ever been sent out into the universe to the mark this joyous occasion.

Serena, you need a crown.