WATCH: When Roger Federer made a Muslim 'ball boy' feel special with his 10,000th ace!

Wimbledon 2017: When Roger Federer made a Muslim 'ball boy' feel special with his 10,000th ace and then the gift he promised will make his day

Roger Federer serves his 10,000th ace but Ball Boy Haris Khan hogged the limelight. A pro at the green lawns at London, Roger Federer has won seven Wimbledon titles. Haris is very acquainted with big players asking him for balls. But when Roger Federer asked for it this time at the centre court, it was different. Khan was the ball boy when Roger Federer was battling Alexandr Dolgopolov of Ukraine in the first round of Wimbledon 2017. But when the Swiss legend hit the ball cross-court for an ace, it was young Khan who picked up the ball and instantly became famous. It was different and special because it was his 10,000th ace, a big feat.

A re-enactment of the episode was crafted into a video, which was uploaded as a video on Wimbledon’s official Facebook page. In the video, Haris who was still coming to terms with what had just happened spoke and let his heart take over while narrating the entire episode.

While the interview was on, another surprise was on store for Haris as Roger turns up from behind and joins the conversation. Roger is quick to ask him to return the historic ball. Well, Roger Federer then spill the beans by letting the world know that he will be auctioning the ball and then use that money for charity.

That does not mean he leaves, Federer spends a little more time with the young ball boy who is still in a state of awe and shock. Federer then gets into the emotional mode and lets the ball boy know that he too was a ball boy once upon a time and used to get highs on meeting or staying in close proximity of the players.

The video is a part of several packages that are put up on the Wimbledon Facebook page as part of the tournament programme.