Beating Ernest Amuzu: The list of Vijender Singh's records is getting longer with every bout

"My resolution is to win every fight, get one more year."

Indian boxer Vijender Singh made the entire nation proud on December 23 at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur after he won the much-awaited bout against Ghana’s Ernest Amuzu. It was his 10th consecutive victory in his professional boxing career which is the highest number of wins by any Indian boxer in pro-boxing.

It was a 10-round match where Vijender completely outclassed Amuzu right from the beginning. His punches were hard enough to exhaust his African opponent in the initial rounds while in the second half, Vijender landed a few more punches on Amuzu’s face and successfully defended his WBO Asia Pacific title and the WBO Oriental Middleweight title.

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Vijender Singh has surpassed his fellow boxer Neeraj Goyat and has become the best pro-boxer of India. Let’s take a look at some of his remarkable records:

Only Indian pro-boxer with most number of victories

Before the Rajasthan Rumble, Vijender and Goyat had 9 wins in their name. As soon as the 32-year-old boxer from Bhiwani punched Amuzu out, he became the only Indian pro-boxer with 10 victories under his belt.

First Indian pro-boxer two titles at a time

After beating Amuzu in a 10-round fight with the umpires’ unanimous decision, Vijender Singh became the first Indian in the history of pro-boxing to defend two titles in a single bout. With this victory, he defended the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Asia Pacific title and the WBO Oriental Middleweight title.

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Most consecutive wins for an Indian pro-boxer

Vijender’s victory against Ernest Amuzu puts him at 10 consecutive victories, which makes him the best on the list of Indian pro-boxers with the most number of consecutive wins.

A few days ahead of his bout at the Rajasthan Rumble, Vijender, in an exclusive interview with, he said that he was confident about the game. He also spoke about the upcoming fights in 2018 and said,

“My resolution is to win every fight, get one more title. It may be the World title or Commonwealth title, or any title, but I want [to win] one more title next year.”