Why We Think Neymar Trumps Leonardo DiCaprio When It Comes To Theatrics

Was Neymar auditioning for an acting role in front of Leonardo DiCaprio?

After FIFA World Cup 2018, Neymar’s image as a footballer has been turned upside down. He has been on the receiving end of critics and trolls for trying to get penalties and free kicks by trying to act injured. In yesterday’s Champions League clash between Liverpool and PSG, his antics took the centrestage despite him scoring a goal. In a time where everything on the football field gets recorded from all possible angles, Neymar does not seem to care what people think of him.

FYI, this is what he did to convince the referee that he has been fouled. We are still confused how Mohamed Salah fouled Neymar without touching him.

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio was present at the Parc des Princes stadium, Paris. This gave Twitterati another reason to troll the Brazillian for his theatrics.

The 26-year-old just fell on the ground trying to take a shot but still managed to get a free kick. We guess he just had it coming

The thing is, Neymar does not need to do this on the field. He is a world class player capable of destroying oppositions with his football skills, not his acting skills.

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