Wait! Did Virat Kohli Just Drop A Catch? Twitter Can't Believe It

A dropped catch and a misfield in the same match, very unlike Virat Kohli

The world and its uncle knows that Virat Kohli is one of the best fielders in the world. Like he promised Anushka Sharma in that infuriating ad, he does keep himself really, really fit. And over the years,  the Indian skipper has emphasised on the need of improving fielding standards and not dropping the catches. You will often see him livid with a fielder for giving that extra run or misfield, let alone dropping a catch.

There are times when he leads by example by pulling off a run out or plucking one out of thin air. But you’ll rarely see him dropping a catch. That too in the inside the 30-yard circle. No sire.

In the first T20I at the Gabba between India and Australia, Kohli dropped Australian skipper Aaron Finch’s catch on the first ball of fourth over. Finch went for a full-bloodied on-the-rise cover drive which went straight to Kohli at short cover. The 30-year-old had his eyes on the ball till the end but the ball jumped off his hands at the last moment.

Finch was batting on 6 when the catch was dropped. He went on to score 27 runs from 24 deliveries before losing his wicket to Kuldeep Yadav.

Jasprit Bumrah was the bowler who was robbed off a wicket because of the dropped catch. However, Bumrah was seen applauding Kohli’s effort despite the dropped chance.

Kohli’s struggles in the field continued as his misfield leaked one more run in the 13th over. He wanted to stop a couple of runs by charging towards the ball but ended up giving one more run.

Tweeps had a few interesting reactions to the trouble on the field:

Certainly not

But who’ll do it? Ravi Shastri?

Perks of being the skipper

Finch’s reaction summed up

The best one

Seriously? That’s uncalled for.

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