Dog Becomes Goalkeeper And Stops Penalty Kick...Now We've Seen Everything

We bet you haven't seen a save like this before

We have seen dogs, cats and other furry friends enter the ground and interrupt the play for a while. Some even refuse to leave. We have seen players and ground staff chase them like farmhands trying to catch a chicken, just so that the game can resume. But have you ever seen a dog save a penalty kick?

A video has been doing rounds on the internet where the dog takes a hit to save the penalty. The dachshund was behind the goal post when the player was about to take the spot kick. He was able to fool the goalkeeper who dived to his right. But then, the dog came to the rescue.

The ball was about to find the bottom corner of the nets when the dog came out of nowhere and took the hit. The penalty shooter was in disbelief as he could not believe what had just happened. The goalkeeper, though, was relieved that the dog had saved the penalty.

Here’s the video of the miraculous save:

The audience was quite amused by the bizarre series of events as they cheered the move. The officials were visibly confused as to what will be their next plan of action.

Note: The time, place or the teams involved in the match is yet to be known.

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