WWE Star Jinder Mahal does Bhangra with Triple H, touches his feet after losing fight - Watch Video

Triple H stated that India is in good hands and despite criticism, the Indo-Canadian wrestler, Jinder Mahal, has earned his respect

The Modern Day Maharaja – Jinder Mahal surely had thought to defeat the 14-times WWE World Champion Triple H on the land from where his roots are. The Indian fans were really excited on December 9 when they gathered in huge numbers at the Indira Gandhi Stadium to witness one of the biggest battles of WWE. However, after a tough match against the veteran wrestler, Mahal was beaten at the end.

After defeating Jinder Mahal, Triple-H praised the Ind0-Canadian star’s efforts and said, “You have earned my respect”. Right after this statement the crowd started cheering in unison while Jinder Mahal was overwhelmed. Both shook hands, hugged each other and Mahal touched the Triple-H’s feet

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A few moments later, the environment in the ring turned more cheerful. The Singh brothers taught Triple-H how to do the Bhangra. The veteran wrestler was quick enough to learn the moves. He even danced with Mahal in the ring.

Well, it seems that the spectators enjoyed a lot. Initially, the Indo-Canadian boxer thrashed Triple H all over the ring. He was also helped by the Singh Brothers but soon, the 48-year-old Triple-H bounced back and started troubling the 31-year-old Jinder. He also displayed his signature moves.

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Though Mahal could survive Triple H’s finishing move once, at the end, the US player again came up with that move and sealed the match. Triple H grabbed and twisted Jinder’s arms behind him and slammed him on to the mat to finish the match.

In the other matches of the event, India’s Jeet Rama and Kishan Rafter won their tag team match. The Shield consisting of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defeated Samoa Joe, Sheamus and Cesaro.

In WWE Raw Womens’ Championship match, Alexa Bliss overpowered Sasha Banks.