WWE Royal Rumble 2017: Highlights, results and review

The road to Wrestlemania 33 officially dawns with Royal Rumble 2017. The main event match features wrestling legends Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, and Goldberg!

The road to Wrestlemania 33 officially begins with WWE Royal Rumble 2017 at Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas! We are joined at the pre-show kickoff Live panel with Renee Young, Jerry Lawler, Booker T and Mr. Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels, a two-time royal rumble winner.

09:o6 AM

Randy Orton last eliminates Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble 2017 match

Reigns eliminates Wyatt. Superman punch to Orton. Spear . . . countered into an RKO. Orton throws Reigns off the top rope! The seventh man to win more than one royal rumble match, Randy is going to headline Wrestlemania in Orlando, Florida.

08:59 AM

The Undertaker eliminates Goldberg! Reigns is the last to enter. Reigns and Undertaker throw blows at each other . . . Reigns eliminates Undertaker. Jericho is eliminated. We are left with Orton, Wyatt and Reigns.

08:54 AM

Gong! The Undertaker is in the ring. A staredown. Rusev and Corbin attack Goldberg and Undertaker.

Eliminations! Rusev’s gone. Corbin’s gone. Miz’s gone. Zayn’s gone.

08:53 AM

Goooooldberg! Goldberg eyes with Lesnar. Spear! Clothesline! Brock Lesnar has been eliminated! Now, Goldberg lays everyone to waste.

08:51 AM

The beast incarnate enters next and lays everyone to complete waste. F-5 to Miz, German suplex to Zayn. Brock stands tall in the ring waiting for . . .

08:50 AM

Randy Orton enters at No. 23, Ziggler at No. 24 and Luke Harper at No. 25.

Harper and Orton glare at each other. Bray tries to separate them but Harper clothesline him. A boot to Orton. Harper mocks Bray with Sister Abigail theatrics. RKO outta nowhere.

08:45 AM

Five eliminations! Still no Brock Lesnar, Goldberg or The Undertaker, it must be time for some big stars soon, especially with that ring so packed.

First up is Apollo Crews, making his Royal Rumble debut, to not much of a reaction from the Alamodome crowd. He still hasn’t found his niche in WWE, which is a shame, for someone so talented.

A Goldberg chant rings out as Sheamus and Cesaro eliminate all three members of The New Day! Sheamus then turns on Cesaro and Jericho capitalises by dumping them both out! Five eliminations in about five seconds!

08:40 AM

The new face of fear is here. Follow the buzzards!

08:37 AM

Cesaro is next and he is on a swing roll. Next is Xavier Woods. All three members of New Day are in the ring.

08:34 AM

Rusev enters at No. 18.

08: 32 AM

We are in the ring with Corbin, Ambrose, Zayn, Kofi Kingston, Miz, Big E, and Sheamus.

08:27 AM

The Lone Wolf enters next. Tye’s gone. Strowman eliminates Tye Dillinger.

Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn and Baron Carbon team up to beat the monster. Helluva Kick! Baron Corbin hits a wicked clothesline on Braun Strowman and eliminates him! The monster is gone.

08:25 AM

No. 11 is James Elsworth. No. 11 was Elsworth before No. 12 Dean Ambrose just tossed him into Braun Strowman.

08:22 AM

The Perfect 10

08.20 AM

Sami Zayn is at No. 8 and Big Show enters at no. 9. And well, he just goes.

08.15 AM

Mark Henry is our next entrant. He runs into Cass. Jack over the second rope. Henry dominates. Jack sneak attacks Henry from behind. And there he goes in our first elimination. Braun enters next and completely decimates everyone. He tosses Mojo, Big Cass, and Kalisto in a span of one and a half minute.

We left with Henry and Strowman. Strowman walks into Henry and there goes Henry.

08:10 AM

We are in the ring with Chris Jericho, Big Cass, Kalisto and Mojo Rawley when Jack Gallagher enters at No. 5. Jack hits everyone with his umbrella. An umbrella low-blow to Chris. This man is a delight to watch every time he steps into the ring.

08:00 AM

It’s time for the Royal Rumble match! 3o men enter the match, each after a gap of two minutes. Once a wrestler is tossed over the top rope and his both feet touch the floor, he is eliminated. The last remaining star wins the match and headlines Wrestlemania for the most prestigious prize in sports entertainment.

Our first entrant is Big Cass. He is accompanied to the ring by Enzo Amore. Entering at No. 2 is the United States Champion Chris Jericho.

John Cena defeats AJ Styles in a super match to become new WWE World Champion tying Ric Flair’s 16 title reigns

Cena hits another AA! A kickout! The crowd is erupting. Cena looks for another AA. But, AJ counters. Styles Clash! Styles barely moving! Styles looking for a phenomenal forearm but Cena hits an AA. Cover. No. Another AA. One-two-three! What a heck of a match!

A truly phenomenal submission saga. Calf Crusher! STF! Figure-four leglock! Reverse STF! Armbar!

John  Cena to the top rope for a legdrop. AJ counters it into a powerbomb! Styles Clash!

Cover. Not enough! 450 splash right into Cena’s knees! Standing sunset flip! Not enough. John Cena lifts Styles for a Super AA!

Styles soars through the air and connects with a Pheomenal Forearm for a two count. Never has the name of a move been more fitting. It really is a thing of beauty.

“AJ Styles” hockey style chants ring out as AJ challenges John to get back to his feet, runs at him and kicks him in the chest. Cena is gasping for air.

Cena with a lightsout AA to Styles. One-two-kickout! AJ with a pele kick!


AJ sets the pace early on with some harsh strikes, making good on his promise to do his favourite thing, which as we all know, is to “beat up John Cena”.

After he drags Cena to his feet, John responds with a shoulder tackle, but Styles counters with a hurricanrana and launches a hard flying forearm to the seated 15-time world champion.

Cena lifts his onrushing opponent and plants him face first, then sets up the Five Knuckle Shuffle, only for AJ to fight back with a kick, kick Cena’s hand, hit a German suplex and then a wheelbarrow facebuster.

It feels like a big fight! An emotional promo plays on the Titan Tron featuring John Cena and AJ Styles from Summerslam 2016.  Mauro Ranallo and JBL hype the match as Cena looks to tie Ric Flair’s record with his 16th world championship.

The Champ that runs the camp, AJ Styles rumbles to the ring first. Next is the erstwhile man that runs the place, the challenger, John Cena.

Let’s go Cena! AJ Styles! Let’s go Cena! AJ Styles! Cena starts with a vicious clothesline.

Neville defeats Rich Swann via submission to become our brand new WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Swann launches a knockout kick. Cover, one-tw0-Neville puts his foot on the bottom rope. Swann is awestruck. Another cover. Swann to the top rope. But Neville quickly hits a superplex off the top rope. Neville wastes no time and applies Rings of Saturn submission maneuver! Swann taps out! And we have our new WWE Cruiserweight Champion – ‘The King of Cruiserweights’ Neville after an outstanding performance from both competitors.

Swann on the top turnbuckle and kicks him in the head, hurls him across the ring with a headscissors takedown and then as he seeks refuge at ringside, launches a stunning, springboard twisting Phoenix splash on the challenger!

We have a fantastic promo for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match featuring Rich Swann and Neville. The jealousy and bitterness of Neville towards his ex-pal and Swann’s anger at his betrayal is clearly evident in the package.

Austin Aries joins Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves on commentary. Neville puts the boot to his former friend before ‘bodyslamming him with authority’, as Ranallo calls it. Big double dropkick from Neville off the top turnbuckle to the heart of Swann, who is struggling to regain a vertical base.

We are backstage with Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Mick Foley. Sami Zayn enters and is welcomes by all to pick his ball from the lottery tumbler.

Sami Zayn draws a blue ball. His pick is revealed by the wisecracking Dean Ambrose, who jokes that it’s upside down, but still number eight! He then draws his own number but does not let us in on his choice.


Kevin Owens defeats Roman Reigns in a No Disqualification match to retain the Universal title after an assist by Braun Strowman

KO and Reigns find each other on the turnbuckle. KO tries to superplex Reigns to the steel chairs placed outside. Reigns avoids contact. Superman punch! KO crashes through multiple chairs! Reigns isn’t done. He clears the announce table and crowd goes crazy on this. He powerbombs an already dead KO through it. Reigns puts KO in the ring. Setting up for the spear.

Braun! Braun Strowman is here! He mutilates Reigns into the ring post. Chokeslam on the announce table! And it doesn’t break. Braun rag dolls Reigns inside the ring. Powerslam through a standing wooden table at the corner! Chrish Jericho screams to KO for cover. KO barely manages to cover the challenger. One-two-three!

The camera pans to Chris Jericho. He has brass knuckles which he drops in KO’s hands. KO mocks Reigns setting up the superman punch. Reigns ducks, back and forth, KO hits the brass knuckles punch. KO to the cover. One-two-no. KO can’t believe this! He sets up two chairs for a powerbomb. Samoan drop on the steel chairs, ripping Kevin’s spine!

Kevin Owens does a bit of feng shui and sets up a stack of steel chairs at ringside, then threatens to powerbomb Reigns through them off the apron. Reigns instead slips through the ropes and takes KO down with a clothesline, before retrieving a table which he brings into the ring. They fight back and forth. Reigns on the table to the outside. KO climbs the top rope and hits a bull splash crashing through the table! The crowd cheers ‘Holy Shit’! Reigns holds on to his ribs. KO covers him inside the ring. One-two-and-half.

Owens tries to halt the challenger by throwing the top of an announce table at him, but Reigns catches it and hurls it back in his face. The champion reverses an Irish whip attempt and sends Reigns flying into the steel steps. He then slams a table hood down on Roman.

Kevin reaches under the ring and produces a steel chair, which he drives into the gut of Reigns. When Roman fights back, KO is distracted temporarily by Y2J, but he regains his composure, slams Reigns into the barricade and launches into him with a flying cannonball, then poses on an announce table.

Shark Cage! The best friends enter the arena first for the WWE Universal Championship match. The US Champion Chris Jericho looks hesitant as Roman Reigns enters to a cacophony of boos. Kevin Owens yells at Reigns. After the formal introduction, Chris appears to enter the shark cage. But! Chris and Owens attack Reigns before the bells rings. Reigns overpowers, pushes Jericho inside the cage and the match officially starts.

Owens sneak attacks Reigns, a few stomps, and the action spills all over the arena. Owens pushes Reigns into the steel steps.

Charlotte defeats Bayley to retain the Raw Women’s Championship via pinfall

Bayley stuns the champion and slams her to the canvas with a face plant before heading back up to the top rope, taking a big risk. Huge diving elbow! Two count! Wow that was a close near fall.

Charlotte to the top rope. Bayley hurls and Charlotte pushes her off the apron. Bayley baring getting up on the apron. Natural Selection on the apron! Holy Shit! Charlotte with the cover. One-two-three! Charlotte retains extending her ppv streak to 16.

What better than to start the pay-per-view with the Raw Women’s Championship match. The huggable diva enters first followed by the champion in black who is undefeated at pay-per-views.

Charlotte mocks Bayley, shoving her around, but Bayley responds with a shove of her own and a modified neckbreaker on the ropes. She follows up with a rana through the ropes which is a bit awkward and then a flying crossbody slam off the top turnbuckle, before getting a two count back in the ring.

Charlotte takes cover at ringside, lures Bayley in and smashes her head into the side of the ring, then gets a two count of her own. She almost puts Bayley away with a big boot after a period of sustained pressure. Already Bayley is fighting for her life in there.

This move is so simple but effective. Charlotte really has matured in the ring. Now she produces a headscissors and some stunning athleticism.

Corey Graves says “it’s a feel good story for Bayley, but now she is going to get a reality check”.

Then! Now! Forever! The pyro hits the stage! And it’s time for the Royal Rumble 2017! The party has begun.

The hometown hero is here! The Heartbreak Kid is here! Shawn Michaels is heading out to the ring to a huge pop, befitting one of the greatest of all time in his hometown.

Following on from Seth Rollins challenging Triple H at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio last night, his wife Stephanie McMahon says he is banned from the Alamodome tonight!

Nia Jaz defeated Sasha Banks in a quick match

The monstrous heel flattens Sasha early on and screeches: “I’m the boss.”  We’re back with the in-ring action as Sasha is selling an injured left knee, thanks to the repeated attacks of Jax over the past few weeks.

She hits the big woman with a flying knee attack, which doesn’t do her sore knee any favours, and Jax nails her with a Pop-up Samoan Drop for the win. That was pretty much a squash, although the knee injury explains it away to some extent.

The Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose is backstage being interviewed by Charly in the Social Media Lounge. The Lunatic Fringe is oozing confidence and is prepared to enter the royal rumble. Last year, Ambrose was the final man eliminated by the winner Triple H. This year he looks to win it big and regain his WWE World Championship at the greatest stage of them all.

Austin Aries, the ‘Greatest Man That Ever Lived’, joins the panel to discuss tonight’s Cruiserweight Championship match and debate whether Rich Swann is too nice to be champion.

Newcastle’s Neville is gunning for his gold belt following an intense heel turn at Roadblock: End of the Line in December.

The former NXT champion savagely attacked his Rich Swann after his friend’s successful Cruiserweight Championship defence.

Since then the high flyer has proclaimed himself ‘King of the Cruiserweights’ and bemoaned being overlooked for a spot on Tuesday night’s 205 Live.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeat Cesaro and Sheamus to win the Raw Tag Team Championship in their first reign.

It’s time for the Raw Tag Team Championship match, Cesaro, and Sheamus against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Out first are the champions Cesaro and Sheamus, with their spectacular new entrance followed the Gallows and Anderson.

Cesaro immediately tries to win the match with a tackle and pin attempt on Anderson and then gets a two count with a gutwrench suplex. The champions double suplex Gallows and Sheamus brings a knee crashing down on his head. It’s been all Cesaro and Sheamus so far.

The extra dynamic in this match is a second referee, added because of foul play and controversy in their previous encounters on Raw.

Just before we head to a break Gallows and Anderson finally get a foothold in the match, Luke grinding down Cesaro with a huge kick and his brutish power. Cesaro manages to tag in Sheamus, who launches into Gallows and beats his chest 10 times with clubbing blows after flying over the top rope and landing on the apron. He’s working at such a quicker pace these days, it’s very impressive.

Cesaro hits a 619 or “Swiss 1 9” as Corey Graves calls it! He then gets a two count with a high impact crossbody.

Moments later Anderson shock pins Cesaro! This came out of nowhere. Cesaro and Sheamus are shocked as the Machine Gun celebrates with his partner on the ramp.

We have a backstage interview with Universal Champion and United States Champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho who talk about dismantling Kev’s opponent Roman Reigns.

Becky Lynch, Naomi, & Nikki Bella win by pinfall with a split-legged moonsault from Naomi on Alexa Bliss

Natalya and Nikki Bella to start, they square off and Nattie shoves Nikki before doing John Cena’s taunt. Nikki hauls off and slaps her, so she tags Bliss in. Bella with a waist lock, standing switch, again, Alexa out with a right, off the ropes, eats a kick, Nikki hits her face breaker for one. Naomi tags in, whip across, double dropkick!

Nattie back in, things break down, the babyfaces with a triple suplex! Baseball slides from Bella and Lynch, Naomi dives on the pile and we take a little break.

Back from our break, Becky and Natalya are in, Lynch levels her with lariats, two from the arm and one from the leg, calls for the Straight Fire forearm and it connects, springboard kick follows, Nattie moves and Becky comes at her with a forearm off the apron. Mickie runs over and throws Lynch into the barricade, allowing Natalya to hook her and suplex her on the floor.

Dragging Becky back in the ring, stomp to the back, Nattie looking for a WAR Special but settles for a reverse chin lock as Lynch struggles and throws her off. Tag to James, she puts the boots to Becky and chokes her in the corner. Fast tag to Bliss, more boots, choke against the middle rope, she argues with referee Ryan Tran and Mickie levels Becky with a kick!

Tag to Nattie, double-team mat slam, giant step, Lynch goes for a schoolboy and Natalya drops her with a lariat for two. Reverse chin lock applied, Becky out with elbows but Nattie shifts and drops her with a Michinoku Driver. Going for a German suplex, blocked, O’Connor roll but Bliss got the blind tag! Becky tosses Natalya outside but she yanks Nikki off the apron to block the tag.

Alexa with a bit of ground and pound, she gets caught with a small package but escapes. Tag to Naomi, she comes in with a diving crossbody, corner dropkick, jumping roundhouse, flipping lariat, a sitout jawbreaker, then those “Speedball” Mike Bailey kicks but Mickie breaks it up! Exploder Suplex on Mickie, Nattie throws Becky into the ring post, Nikki spears Nattie out of her boots.

Bliss gets caught with a roundhouse. Tag to Naomi who hits a moonsault on the champion in the corner. One-two-three! That’s all folks. It’s over. The faces reign supreme.

We get a promotional video package Remember the Rumble featuring the very first entrant in the royal rumble history Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart in 1988, Royal Rumble 2006 winner Rey Mysterio who set the all-time record by lasting 01:02:12 to win the match entering at No. 2, Royal Rumble 2010 winner Edge who made a surprise return in the match, entering at No. 29 and taking just 00:07:37 to win the match, Santino Marella who holds the dubious honor of lasting just 00:00:01 in the match, Hardcore Legend Mick Foley who entered thrice in just one match with his three faces of Foley as Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack in the 1998 match.

We get some recap from Monday Night Raw where Sami Zayn defeated Seth Rollins eliminating his chances of participating in the match itself when Triple H interrupted with his entrance music. And from last night at NXT Takeover: San Antonio where Seth took over the show and had to be thrown out of the arena by the security. Next, we get the video package for our first kickoff match, a six-woman tag team match from Smackdown Live Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, and Naomi squaring off against Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Natalya.