World Badminton Championships final, PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara AS IT HAPPENED: Okuhara holds nerves to beat Sindhu 21-19, 20-22, 22-20

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21:11 IST: It is called wide, but Okuhara challenges, it was indeed wide 19-17. Okuhara is not giving up, she wins the point, 18-19. It is 19-19. It cannot get any closer. Sindhu hits it in the net, she faces championship point, 20-19. It was borderline, it is DEUCE. 20-20. Sindhu misses a shot on the net, its advantage Okuhara, 21-20. 

21:03 IST: Sindhu hits that on the net, 14-13. This is an edge of the seat action. Okuhara hits it long, 14-14. Okuhara’s smash too good for Sindhu as she goes in the lead again, 15-14. It is equal again, 15-15. Okuhara misses the tram lines, it is 16-15. Okuhara deceives Sindhu with a drop shot, 16-16. Sindhu read the cross court and then wins the point. 17-16. Okuhara again pulls out a smash to level things, 17-17. Sindhu oppressing the shuttle early and that made the difference, it is 18-17. 

20:53 IST: Sindhu fires a bombing forehand, 10-9. Okuhara sprays it wide, it is 11-9 at the change of sides. Okuhara wins a point with a body smash, 10-11. Okuhara plays a mind boggling drop, Sindhu stranded. 11-11. Sindhu wins a long rally to take the lead in this see saw battle, 12-11. Sindhu loses another challenge, 12-12. Sindhu gets a yellow for misconduct. Sindhu tries to be cheeky it backfires, 13-12. Sindhu wins another long rally to square it, 13-13. 

20:44 IST: Okuhara wins a point, 6-5. This will go down to the wire it seems. It’s levelled 6-6. Sindhu misses a drop shot, 7-6. Sindhu equalises again, 7-7. Sindhu’s mother is cheering for her. Sindhu gets an error from Okuhara’s backhand, 8-7. Sindhu forces a fault at the net, she takes a two-point lead, 9-7. Okuhara works Sindhu around to win the point, 8-9. It is already an hour and 20 minutes and we are still waiting for the winner. Sindhu finds the net, 9-9. 

20:37 IST: Sindhu takes the first point. 1-0. Okuhara equalises 1-1. Sindhu loses the challenge, 2-1. Okuhara pulls off an incredible smash, 3-1. Four points in a row for Okuhara, 4-1. Sindhu hits it long, 5-1. Okuhara has taken an early lead, Sindhu looks tired. Sindhu breaks her service, its wide, 2-5. Sindhu smashes and gets a point, 3-5. She is clawing back. Sindhu foxes Okuhara, picks a point, 4-5. Sindhu cuts the angle to win the point, its 5-5.

20:25 IST: Okuhara is not giving up, she gets one point back, 17-18. Okuhara misses a sitter, Sindhu takes lead 19-17. It is wide, its three game points for Sindhu, 20-17. Sindhu loses to back to back points, 19-20. It is DEUCE. 20-20. Sindhu shows mental strength to get an advantage. 21-20. Fourth game point for her, she wins it.

20:17 IST: Sindhu wins probably the longest rally of the match to take a 3-point lead. 16-13. Sindhu puts it in the net, 16-14. Schuttle deflected Sindhu gets a point, 17-14. Okuhara increases the speed of the rally to catch Sindhu off guard, 15-17. Okuhara uses every single inch of the court, she wins another point, 16-17. Sindhu gets a point with deception, 18-16. 

20:10 IST: Sindhu shows her reactions, wins it, 12-9. Sindhu misses a cross court shot, it’s 10-12. It’s 11-12, Okuhara takes advantage after the interval. Scores level 12-12. Sindhu jams it in the net, it is Okuhara who takes lead, 13-12. Sindhu attacking plays wins her another point, it’s 13-13. Sindhu takes lead, what a rally, 14-13. It is a point for Sindhu, a two-point lead for Sinshu, 15-13. 

20:05 IST: It is 8-3, Okuhara hits it long. Sindhu gets another point, it’s a 6-point lead now. 9-3. Okuhara off balances Sindhu, picks a point, 4-9. A body smash gets Okuhara another point, 5-9. Sindhu challenges, it was called out, it is out, 6-9. Just wide, another point for Okuhara, 7-9. Okuhara is coming back. Okuhara is roaring it is 8-9. Sindhu finally breaks her momentum, it is 10-8. Okuhara hits it wide, it’s a 3-point advantage for Sindhu, 11-8. 

19:59 IST: Sindhu takes an early lead, it is 3-1. It is 4-1 now. Okuhara’s smash finds the net. It is 5-1, Sindhu is off to a good start. Okuhara finds the baseline, it is service over, 2-5. Sindhu lets that go it is long, Sindhu is in the lead, 6-2. Okuhara wins the point, 3-6. Okuhara hits it on the net, 7-3. 

19:50 IST: Another one that has gone long, 18-14. Service over, 15-18. She wins another point, 16-18. Sindhu is making a comeback, she gets three in a row, 17-18. Scores level, it’s 18-18! Okuhara shows skill and disguise to take lead, 19-18. It’s 19-19, what a finish to the first set. It has been a see-saw battle! Sindhu jams it into the net and it is game point Okuhara, 20-19. Okuhara takes first set 21-19. 

19:44 IST: A long rally all the parts of the court tried, finally Sindhu wins it, 14-11. Sindhu sprays it at the net, 12-14. The net has not been on Sindhu’s favour, it’s 13-14. It’s 14-14, game on…! Okuhara takes lead as Sindhu’s shot is wide. 15-14. Okuhara takes a two-point lead with a smash. 16-14. Sindhu hits it long, then she calls for a challenge, loses it, 17-14. 

19:41 IST: Sindhu hits it long, service change, 6-11. Okuhara gets the smash right, 7-11, she is clawing back. Sindhu successful with the drop, it’s 12-7. Okuhara breaks her service, 8-12. Sindhu shows deception and it is 13-8. Okuhara’s smash gets her a point, 9-13. Long rally won by Okuhara, a lot of speed shown by both players. 10-13. Sindhu misses an easy smash at the net, 11-13. 11-13. 

19:37 IST: Error in judgement by Okuhara, Sindhu takes a three-point lead. She picks another point, it’s six straight points, 9-5. It’s 10-5 with that smash. Okuhara misses an easy point, 11-5 at the break.

19:32 IST: The Wrong serve gives Okuhara the lead, 4-3. Okuhara’s drop gives her a two-point lead, 5-3. Sindhu wins one back, 4-5. It’s 5-5, Sindhu’s drop is too good. Sindhu hits a cross court angled smash to take the lead, 6-5. Sindhu plays a cross court drop to deceive Okuhara, 7-5. 

19:27 IST: Sindhu starts proceedings, Sindhu pushes it wide. 1-0. Sindhu equalises with a baseline point. 1-1. Okuhara jams one in the net, Sindhu takes lead, 2-1. Okuhara wins one back with a drop shot, 2-2. Okuhara catches Sindhu wrong footed, takes lead, 3-2. It gets the line, Sindhu wins the point, 3-3. 

19:25 IST: Sindhu wins toss, she opts to serve. Sindhu has just played one 3-setter, Okuhara has played three 3-setters.

19:22 IST: The Indian fourth seed takes on the seventh seed from Japan Nozomi Okuhara. The players have made their entry on the court. It is a full house at Glasgow.

19:17 IST: Chinese doubles pair win the doubles crown in a three-setter. PV Sindhu up next… Are you ready?

18:46 IST: Japan take the second set 21-17, it’s on level terms now as the result will be decided by a decider.

18:10 IST: China clinch first set 21-18.

17:57 IST: Currently the women’s doubles finals are in progress, Japan takes on China, the first set is in progress and the score is 16-13, Japan has the lead.

17:41 IST: The match starts in 35-40 minutes from now. Who will you support PV Sindhu or Nozomi Okuhara? Will Sindhu finally win that elusive GOLD?

Hello and welcome to, I am Ankit Banerjee and I will take you through the live scores and updates of the World Badminton Championship Finals. Olympic silver medalist PV Sindhu versus Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara, who defeated Saina Nehwal in the semis, it is all set to be a humdinger of a finale. Okuhara has had a dream run to the finals, so has PV Sindhu. In the semi finals versus Chen Yufei, Sindhu ousted the girl in 45 minutes and more importantly in straight sets.

Okuhara, on the other hand, was stretched by Saina in the semis. Okuhara could be a bit tired after the match against Saina, but Sindhu will be fresh and raring to go. Sindhu will also be looking for that eluding world medal, something she missed out narrowly at the Rio Olympics, last year.

Sindhu has been a two-time bronze medallist at this event and would be hoping to go the distance in this campaign. Sindhu has defeated Okuhara at the semi finals of the Olympics last year. She is bound to draw a lot of confidence from that win. But head to head, it stands at 3 each. It is all to win for the two finalists. The match starts at 6:15 IST. Stay tuned to for all the live scores and updates. If you want to live stream the match, you can do it on Hotstar.

Fans from across the country have been wishing and rooting for Sindhu to get gold, and nothing short of a gold will satisfy the Indian fans.