Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Highlights, Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Dabang Delhi: Debutantes off to dream start, win by 26-20

Pro Kabaddi League 2017: Dabang Delhi their opponents will be on a high after their win over Jaipur Pink Panthers

Hello and welcome to day 4 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017, this is the live coverage and commentary where I Ankit Banerjee will keep you updated on all the developments. You can also follow all the live scores on our Facebook page, just like the page to never miss an update. The match between Gujarat Fortunegiants and Dabang Delhi should be an interesting one as the debutants Gujarat is a new franchise and can very well pull off a surprise. Dabang Delhi their opponents will be on a high after their win over Jaipur Pink Panthers. They look to be a settled unit, but it is too early to make a comment. This is the first match of day 4 and it promises to be an entertaining contest. At half time the score is 15-5, the debutantes are off to a dream start.

20:50 IST: Sriram raids, no points. Sukesh comes in, no points. Gujarat Fortunegiants win 26-20. 

20:45 IST: Is there a twist in the tale? Do or die for Sriram, hefty hand touch on the right corner. 26-14. Three minutes to go…It’s 26-15, Dabang is reviewing it…Sunil Kumar raiding, last man standing, allout. 26-19. Sriram’s night has just got better, he picks another point. 26-20. 

20:35 IST: Rakesh Narwal takes Bajirao on do or die, 22-8. All out!!! 25-8. It’s all too easy for Gujarat. Sukesh makes an empty raid. Sriram enters for the raid, no points. Rohit gets a point, 26-9. It seems it is too late for Dabang to make a comeback. Do or die for Anand, he gets two. 26-12. Defensive point for Delhi. 26-13. Anand comes in, he gets nothing.  Sukesh is happily killing time. 

20:30 IST: Sukesh is raiding really well. Abou starts the raid, he is targeting Fazal, but brought down, 18-8. Rakesh gets a touch point, 19-8. Sukesh has an empty raid. Do or die for Sunil Kumar, he is out, it was inevitable, he is not a raider, 20-8. Gujarat is playing safe and sensible. Gujarat get another on defence, 21-8. 

20:25 IST: Rakesh comes, he has got a point. 16-5. Abou comes to raid, no points. Dabang gets one back, 16-6. Rakesh is raiding, no point. Abou starts the raid, he needs to get going, he gets the bonus, 16-7. Sukesh raids successfully, 17-7. 


20:15 IST: Rakesh is raiding, he just needs to be smart, picks one, they also get breathing space with that, 8-5. Sukesh comes to raid, he has three to tackle, super tackle on, no points. Nilesh comes again to kill time. Both the teams are playing on the do or die raids. Do or die, Nilesh is out, he stepped on the lobbies, 10-5. Giants win another bonus point. Allout for giants, they are on the driver’s seat. 14-5.

20:10 IST: Hegde comes in, he does not get a touch. Shinde is killing time. Do or die for Gujarat out. 5-3. Abou gets one, 5-4. Do or die for giants, he does it, gets one point. 6-4. Abou is out. 7-4. 

20:05 IST: Rohit comes in, but Sachin is raiding, he is brought down. 3-1. Rohit comes and he is out. 4-1. Sukesh is raiding, no point. Meraj enters, no points. Rakesh with his third raid, no points. Sachin in a do or die, he is brought down. 4-2. Fazal lands the ankle hold, Sunil comes for cover, out. 5-2. 

20:00 IST: Abol comes to raid, no points. Sukesh gets nothing. No points in the first set of raids. Rakesh comes to raid, looks for a toe touch, he is looking for Nilesh, this is do or die, Meraj is out, first, ever points for Giants. 1-0. Delhi in a do or die, Gujarat gets another one, Baji went for an advanced tackle, failed. 2-0. Abol is out, he stepped into the lobby, he lost his footing. 3-0. Hegde raids, no points.

19:55 IST: It is to be seen how Sukesh leads the new franchise.

19:53 IST: Both the teams are taking the mat.

19:38 IST: The match will start in under 20 minutes, stay tuned to

Fazel Atrachali, will be a key cog in the Gujarat set up, as he brings in experience in the defence, left corner. His contest against Rohit Kumar will be mouth watering.Delhi will also bank on their defence where they will have the experience of Nilesh Shinde and Bajirao Hodage.

On the given day, we could expect another win for Delhi, albeit a close one. The magnitude of youth in both the teams promises an exciting battle ahead.

Dabang Delhi

Meraj Sheykh, Tapas Pal, Vishal, Abolfazel Maghsodlo, Nilesh Shinde, Ravi Dalal, Bajirao Hodage, Sunil, Suraj Desai, Rohit Baliyan, Patil Anand, Rupesh Tomar, Viraj Vishnu Landge, Suresu Kumar, Chetan S, Vipin Malik, Shubham Ashok Palkar, Swapnil Dilip Shinde, Satpal, Yatharth

Team Gujarat

Fazel Atrachali, Rohit Gulia, C Kalai Arasan, Abozar Mohajermighani, Sukesh Hegde, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Seongryeol Kim, Mahipal Narwal, Vikas Kale, Manoj Kumar, Sachin, Amit Om Prakash Rathi, Dange Sultan, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sunil Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Rakesh Narwal, Chandran Ranjit