Undertaker RETIRES: 5 lesser known facts about the BASKETBALLER turned wrestler!

Undertaker retires! We wish the cult-entertainer Undertaker, a happy retired life. Thank you for giving us so many childhood memories

Mark William Calaway, better known by his ring name The Undertaker, is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to WWE. As a kid, we were die-hard fans of the maverick man, even his thought send shivers down our spine. He was lethal and has now attained cult-status in pro-wrestling. He has entertained an entire generation. His story took off way back in 1984 when he began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW).

His horror-themed gruesome entity, who employs scare tactics and holds links to the supernatural, worked wonders; the character was re-launched as a biker during a period in the early 2000s before returning to his previous gimmick in 2004.

As he has thrown in the towel, we present to you five lesser known facts about the horror-in-motion:

The Basketballer!

He was an ardent basketballer, like most Americans at their young age. He represented his college team and was a talented upcoming basketballer. Undertaker played basketball for a two-year college in Texas before finally transferring to Texas-Wesleyan University to play for the Rams for the 1985-86 season. You never know if wrestling did not come along, he may well have represented US in basketball.

The Motorbike geek!

Very few may have known this about the terrorising prospect that he is a bike addict. He loves the big machines and it looks dapper on him. In fact, he made a come back to the wrestling sport on a massive lethal machine in 2004. He has a fetish for Harley-Davidson and West Coast Choppers motorcycles. As a matter of fact, he purchased his first motorcycle after defeating Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship at the 1991 Survivor Series.

Lending his apartment to BRANGELINA!

This is bound to startle even the best of his fans. He once gave his lavish apartment on loan to the Hollywood’s most sought-after couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. “It’s bigger than most houses here. It wasn’t that big originally, but Undertaker wanted a huge special bed, so we had to make the room a lot larger to accommodate it,” said the contractor of the house, Ron Charlies.

The MMA fan!

Well, this becomes his unwind option. When he is sick and tired of WWE, he resorts to Martial Arts for relaxing. He has also attended several Ultimate Fighting Championship shows.

Death Metal!

This should not be that surprising. He looks like that kind, doesn’t he? His mere presence reeks of a dark world, which he exists in. Undertaker is a massive fan of Nick Cave, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Black Label Society.

We wish him a happy retired life. Thank you for giving us so many childhood memories.