Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Highlights, U.P. Yodhas vs Telugu Titans: Yodhas smash Titans 31-18

itin Tomar for that matter is the highest paid player in the PKL history. He was brought on board by the JSW Group for a whopping Rs. 93 lakh

Hello and welcome to the live score commentary of day 4 in the Pro Kabaddi League 2017, I am Ankit Banerjee and I will take you through the coverage of the match. This happens to be the second match of the double header Tuesday. Please like our Facebook page to never miss an update of the match. The debutantes Uttar Pradesh Yodhas will lock horns against a dejected Telugu Titans. Dejected, because they just won one and lost two of their home leg matches. Rahul Chaudhari and his men will surely look to rectify that. It may not be a worry now as this is a long tournament but starting well could hold the key.

This could be a high-scoring affair as both teams have star raiders. Nitin Tomar for that matter is the highest paid player in the PKL history. He was brought on board by the JSW Group for a whopping Rs. 93 lakhs. The real problem for the Titans is, one feels, the excessive amount of pressure on Rahul Chaudhari, this is never good for a team. The Yodhas will have the benefit of having two good raiders in Nitin Tomar and Mahesh Goud.

The match will start at 9:00 IST.

22:03 IST: Sukesh is out. 31-18. Debutantes Uttar Pradesh win 31-18. 

21:55 IST: Rajesh gets nothing. Rahul is changing the fortunes of the game, no points. One more point for Titans. 25-18. Three minutes to go. Goud raids, he gets nothing. Yodhas get two more points. 27-18. Tomar gets two more points, now it seems out of reach for Titans. 30-18. 

21:50 IST: Under ten minutes to go, it’s a nine point deficit for Titans. It’s 25-14 to Yodhas. The pressure is mounting for Titans. Devadiga comes in, no points. Salunke gets one back. 25-15. Titans get one more, 25-16. They get Tomar, that is big. Rahul gets another touch 25-17. 

21:45 IST: Nitin gets one, he gets the left cover. 19-13. Salunke comes in, he gets a bonus 19-14. Tomar comes with two left in opposition, no points. 10 minutes to go. Salunke comes in, he is brought down. 20-14. All out. 23-14. 

21:38 IST: Both teams get a point each after the break, the score is 13-12, Yodhas lead. Yodhas get a bonus. 14-12. Rahul gets a left toe touch, 14-13. He is on fire. Goud is raiding, no points. Nothing much to separate. Rahul is unsettling the defence, he gets nothing. Goud enters, no points. Rakesh gets no point. Do or die, it’s a super raid. 17-13. Rahul in for a do or die, he gets a bonus and is claiming for a touch. They are reviewing. Unsuccessful. 18-13. 


21:26 IST: Great defending, Yodhas get one on defence. 11-9. Vikas comes in, he gets nothing. Rajesh Narwal comes in, no points. Rakesh does it, he gets a point, Rahul will be restored. 11-10. Do or die for Rishank, he gets Rahul, this could be a big moment in the match. 12-10. Vikas gets one back, 12-11. 

21:21 IST: Rajesh comes in, no point. 10 minutes to go.  Do or die for Goud, he gets a point. 7-6. Rahul gets a point, he foxes Jeeva. 8-7. Rakesh comes in to raid, he gets a bonus. 8-8. Devadiga gets a bonus. 9-8. Rahul brought down, 10-8. Vikas enters to raid, no points. Goud enters, no points. Rakesh enters, he has experience, he is checking his options, no points. Goud for do or die, he is out, he tried to slither through but does not manage it. 10-9. This means Rahul will be back.

21:14 IST: Rahul gets yet another one, 3-2. Tomar picks up a point, they equalise, 3-3. Vikas enters, he gets another point, Titans lead, 4-3. Devadiga raids, no point. Mohsen is brought down, 4-4. Rahul is in, he already has two tonight, looking for a hand touch, does not. Devadiga opens his account, 5-4. Yodhas lead, 6-4. Rahul thanks his lads. 6-5.  Yodhas lead.

21:09 IST: Pressure will be on Rahul, but he is smiling. Tomar starts, he starts with a point. 1-0. Rahul from the other end, he gets a touch, equalised, 1-1. Goud comes in, no points. Vikas comes, he gets the kick. 2-1 Titans lead. Devadiga comes, he gets a point with a fantastic turn. 2-2. 

21:07 IST: Both the teams take the mat, home team Telugu would desperately look for a comeback.

Telugu Titans

Rahul Chaudhari, Vishal Bharadwaj, Athul M S, Sombir, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan, Rakesh Kumar, Rohit Rana, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari ,Vinod Kumar, Amit Singh Chillar, Vikas Kumar, Vikas, Nilesh Salunke, Vinoth Kumar, Munish, Vikrant, Ankit Malik, Elangeshwaran R

Team UP

Nitesh Kumar, Pankaj, Sulieman Kabir, Rajesh Narwal, Jeeva Kumar, Nitin Tomar, Rishank Devadiga, Hadi Tajik, Gurvinder Singh, Surendra Singh, Mahesh Goud, Santosh B.S, Ajvender Singh, Rohit Kumar, Sanoj Kumar, Gulveer Singh, Sunil, Sagar B. Krishna

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