Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Highlights, U Mumba vs Puneri Paltan: Sandeep Narwal shines as Paltans oust Mumba, 21-13

22:07 IST: Mondal is out, but that will not hurt as it is almost over. Can there be another raid? Narwal raids, this is a formality. Deepak Hooda was awarded star performer of the match. He got 4 raid points, including a super raid. 

22:02 IST: Five minutes to go, Anup raids. No points. Mondal with his ninth raid, he wants to spend 30 full seconds. Paltan gets one, Bapu out. 18-30. Anup is playing on do or die raids now. Anup is out. 32-18. 

21:57 IST: Ten minutes to go, Hooda raiding, he knows what to do and does it well, wastes time. Kuldeep Singh comes in, he is a defender. 14-27. Bapu gets one or at least claims it. Review take, but Paltans win it. 15-28. Narwal comes for the raid, no point. Cheralathan raids, he wastes more time. Anup uses momentum, force and lobby to get a point. 17-28.

21:53 IST: Huge chants of Mumba, Mumba. They can still do it. Bapu with the raid, he returns empty handed. Hooda comes in, Anup is eyeing him, he knows that. He is slowing the game. Madane with the raid, he returns empty handed. Do or die for Mondal, he misses it as the dash comes in and takes him out. 14-26. Bapu is out, dashed out.

21:49 IST: U Mumba needs to get their act together and revive Anup to make a match out of it. 15 minutes to go, Sandeep already has four tackle points and two raid points. Nitin Madane out. 10-26. They are making it easy for Paltans. Anup takes one point. U Mumba gets a raid point from Sabbeer Bapu. 13-26. Paltans need to slow it down.

21:47 IST: Deepak gets five points, U Mumba all out. 10-25. 

21:43 IST: Shabeer starts raid in the second half. He is dashed out. 10-18. Sandeep now marshalling the troop in the absence of Deepak Hooda. More with the do or die raid, he goes with a touch. He again does well in a do or die. 10-19. Kashi has been tackled. It was an ankle hold by Deepak. 10-20.

21:37 IST: Anup Kumar again super tackled. 10-17. 

21:31 IST: Mondal increasing pressure in the right cover but stays away from the raid. Kashi gets his first point on do or die tackle. 8-13. Hooda raiding, he is out, tackled. The U Mumba defence is now combining well. 9-13. Cheralathan comes, he is ready to wait. Two points for Paltans, what anticipation by Cheralathan, that’s a super tackle. 9-15.

21:28 IST: Sandeep and Cheralathan make use of the right corners and get points. Mondal shows class wins one. 4-13 Paltans extending the lead. Kashiling with the raid, no points till now tonight. Kashiling’s foul gives one point for U Mumba.

21:26 IST: Narwal gets two. U Mumba all-out. 11-4. 

21:20 IST: Kumar raids, he has looked quiet. More gets a point. Paltan stretch to 5-1. Pressure on Anup’s raid. 6-1 is the score, Nitin Madane comes in to raid. Sonu Narwal gets U Mumba on verge of allout. Anup gets two back. In fact Anup has got all the three points.

21:17 IST: Mondal starts raid for Paltans, no points. Anup is here, he looks for a bonus. He gets one. 1-0. Bapu comes in, no points. Technical point for Paltans. 1-1. Paltan through More gets one, they lead 2-1. Mondal with his second raid. Kashiling in do or die, he is out. Paltan gets 3-1. 

21:15 IST: Anthems of the two teams in progress. Ready for start.

Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the second match of the Day 1 of Pro Kabaddi League season 5. I am Ankit Banerjee and I will provide you all the live scores and updates from the second match of the opening day between U Mumba and Puneri Paltan. So, tune into and its Facebook page to stay connected during the match.

This will be a match where ‘captain cool’ Anup Kumar will have to take on a formidable Puneri Paltan sans Manjit Chillar. So, it will be a new look Puneri Paltan who will look to get their combinations right before the latter stages of the tournament comes. The match will begin at 2100 hrs and the venue will be Gachibawli stadium. Sandeep Narwal, the beast of the east will raid and defend for the Paltans.

U Mumba

Anup Kumar, E Subash, Surender Singh, Shiv Om, Hadi Oshtorak, Yongjoo Ok, Dongju Hong, Kuldeep Singh, Joginder Singh Narwal, Kashiling Adake, Nitin Madane, Shabeer Bappu, D. Suresh Kumar, Darsan, Shrikant Jadhav, Deepak Yadav, N. Renjith, Mohan Raman G

Puneri Paltan

Deepak Hooda, Ziaur Rahman, Takamitsu Kono, Sandeep Narwal, Girish Maruti Ernak, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Rajesh Mondal, Ravi Kumar, Rohit Kumar Choudary, Umesh Mhatre, More G B, Akshay Jadhav, Suresh Kumar, Ajay, Narender Hooda