Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Highlights, Patna Pirates vs Telugu Titans: Pardeep's brilliance help Pirates win 35-29

Pro Kabaddi League 2017: Pardeep Narwal starred as Patna beat hosts convincingly to clinch their opening tie

Hello and welcome to the live score updates of Match 2 of day 2. I am Ankit Banerjee and I will take you through it. Telugu Titans take on Patna Pirates, who have tasted success in the last season. Titans have got off to a rollicking start on day 1 and they would like the fortunes to continue. It was Pardeep Narwal’s 15 points that saw Pirates to a victory in their opener. 

Rahul Chaudhari had a super 10 yesterday and hence would be in red-hot form. He will have Pardeep Narwal at the other end, who has shown that he can do exactly what Rahul can. When the Pirates face off against the Titans, the defence unit led by Mane will have to deal with the double threat posed by Rahul and Nilesh. On the other hand, Pardeep was in the form of his life and the young corners of the Titans will have to be wary of his guile.


22:03 IST: Salunke gets a bonus. 26-27. Pardeep inflicts all out. 31-26. Rahul starts a raid, he is on 499, not yet. Pardeep on the counter gets a bonus. 32-26. Rahul is again out, Vishal Mane does it with a tackle. 33-26. Pardeep happy with a no point. Salunke gets two back. 33-29. Pardeep gets his 15th point. Rahul comes in, misses again he is out. 35-28. Monu is wasting time. Time up. Pirates win 35-29.

21:58 IST: Jawahar raids, no points. Rahul misses it by a whisker. Pardeep comes in he is revived. 25-23. Pardeep gets a running hand touch, Rana is out. 25-24. Salunke on raid, no point. Five minutes to go. Pardeep raids, Pardeep does a super raid, what a dupki. 27-25. First super raid of the match, he completes his super 10.

21:52 IST: Pardeep gets one for Pirates, scores level, 21-21. Rahul raids, no point. Salunke gets two points. 24-21 to Titans. Vishal has 5 tackle points. 25-21

21:45 IST: Pardeep has been dashed, but he gets the bonus. 21-17. Rohit Rana receives warning for coaching during raid. Jawahar makes an empty raid. Vikas raids on do or die, he has been dashed. Patna gets a point. 21-18. Monu gets two on do or die. 21-20. It’s going down to the wire. Rahul on 499 points, he needs one more.

21:41 IST: Both teams are playing it safe on the do or die raid. Do or die for Vishnu. He is tackled, right corner and cover combine to make it happen. 15-15, scores level. Rahul is on for do or die, he has been super tackled. Vishal Mane out. Rahul’s super tackle cancelled. Telugu lead 16-15. Patna Pirates all out. 19-16


21:29 IST: Pardeep gets one.  10-8. Pardeep gets another one, running touch. 10-9. Pirates are closing in. Monu raids, no point. Salunke gets a pint on do or die raid. 11-9. Pardeep gets a bonus 11-11, scores level. Rahul gets another raid, 12-11. This is neck an neck. Rahul has been super tackled for the first time tonight. 12-12, scores level. Patna picks bonus, Rahul is outside more importantly. 13-12. Monu out, 13-13, scores level. Pardeep is tackled for the first time tonight, eye for an eye it seems. 14-13. Rahul has been tackled, and super tackled more importantly. At half time, the score is 15-14, Pirates lead.

21:23 IST: Pardeep gets one, both star raiders making amends, 5-4 to Patna. Rahul gets one more, 6-5. Monu returns empty-handed. 6-6, scores level. Rahul is really working spots well. Pardeep raids, no points. Rahul gets a bonus. 7-7, scores level. Monu on do or die, he is out, easy ankle hold. 8-7. Two points taken by Vikas uses the lobby well. 10-7 Titans lead.

21:18 IST: Pardeep returns empty handed. Rahul is cautious, no point. Monu returns empty-handed. Titans open account with a bonus by Vikas. 2-1. Vishnu is dashed, misses do or die. 2-2, scores level. Rahul leaves without a point. Pardeep is raiding, looking to open his account, does not. Sorry, he gets a bonus. 3-2. Pardeep gets his first raid point. 4-2 Patna lead. Rahul on do or die, he gets two, 4-4, scores level. 

21:13 IST: Rahul Chaudhari would be full of confidence. He will have ‘dupki’ king Pardeep Narwal to tackle. Patna chooses the first raid. Rahul starts proceedings, tries a scorpion kick fails. Pardeep Narwal starts, no points. Rakesh Kumar starts, no points. Slow start. Monu gets the first point, Patna takes lead. 1-0. Salunke is tackled. 2-0. 

20:52 IST: Match starts in some time from now, stay tuned.

Telugu Titans vs Patna Pirates Live Match Information

Date: 29/07/2017

Time: 21:00 IST

Venue: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

TV Channel: Star Sports 2 (English), Star Sports 1 (Hindi), Star Sports 1 (Tamil), Star Sports 2 HD, Star Sports Hindi 1 HD, Star Sports First

Live Stream: Hotstar


Patna Pirates

Pardeep Narwal, Vijay, Parveen Birwal, Arvind Kumar, Mohammad Maghsoudlou, Vishal Mane, Sachin Shingade, Monu Goyat, Md. Zakir Hossain, Jaideep, Manish, Jawahar, Satish, Sandeep, Virender Singh, Vikash Jaglan, Vishnu Uthaman, Vinod Kumar

Telugu Titans

Rahul Chaudhari, Vishal Bharadwaj, Athul M S, Sombir, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan, Rakesh Kumar, Rohit Rana, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari, Vinod Kumar, Amit Singh Chillar, Vikas Kumar, Vikas, Nilesh Salunke, Vinoth Kumar, Munish, Vikrant, Ankit Malik, Elangeshwaran R