NBA star Kevin Durant apologises for his remark on India after facing flak on Twitter

The NBA star Kevin Durant never wanted to disrespect anyone and wished to return India to run more basketball camps for youth

A day after stating that India is 20 years behind the world in knowledge and experience, NBA star Kevin Durant apologised for his statement, claiming that his comment has been misinterpreted. He also mentioned that he is ‘really pissed how his comments came off’ and he ‘should have worded it better’.

On August 11, in an interview with The Athletic, Durant spoke about his experience during his visit to India and said that India is just a bunch of underprivileged people who want to learn basketball. As per several media reports, Durant said,”It’s a country that’s 20 years behind in terms of knowledge and experience. You see cows in the street, monkeys running around everywhere, hundreds of people on the side of the road, a million cars and no traffic violations. Just a bunch of underprivileged people there and they want to learn how to play basketball. That was really, really dope to me.”

“I expected holy ground, super protected, very, very clean. But instead, I saw mud in the middle of the street,”  he added.

As soon as his statement appeared on the social media, many Indian citizens bashed him as they took the criticism in a bad taste. Later, the American basketball star took to his official Twitter account and posted an apology note where he clarified that he just spoke about what he imagined about India and what he actually witnessed after he arrived. He wrote:

The NBA star never wanted to disrespect anyone and wished to return India to run more basketball camps for youth. Also, as reported by the Bleacher Report, Durant helped set a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest basketball clinic during his visit with more than 3,400 Indian youths taking part.

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