Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Highlights: Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas, Game 1: Thanks to Rahul's super 10, Titans win 32-27

It will be a big ask for the defence or the back line of both the teams, as that could very well decide the eventual winner

20:58 IST: Farhad gets one back. Titans win southern derby by 32-27. 

20:55 IST: 3 minutes to go. Salunke is raiding and has had a good night. Salunke has not been out tonight. Thakur gets a bonus, but he is tackled. 32-23. Rahul is the fifth time tonight. 32-24.

20:49 IST: Thakur is in, he tried but was scuffed up. 29-19. Rakesh Kumar shows experience, gets a dash in and a point. 30-20. This could be the first time Titans will win the first match of the league, big moment. Thakur gets one back for Thalaivas. 31-21.

20:44 IST: The Korean came in and he is out, he was running out of time. 27-17. Eight and a half minutes to go, they are having a break. Raider out. Titans have lost the review. 27-18. Thakur comes in, Thakur plays safe, an empty raid. Salunke gets a bonus. Prapanjan gets one with a dupki. 28-19.

20:40 IST: Prapanjan comes in for the raid, they need points with just over ten minutes to go. Anything can happen! Rahul is out at this crucial time.

20:36 IST: Rahul adds to his tally, he is playing like a phoenix. 25-15. Thakur raids, no points. Rahul has already got ten points and he gets another point. 25-16. Thalaivas review on Rahul. Review successful, no point. Rahul is out. Thalaivas get one back it is a touch by Salunke.

20:34 IST: Do or die raid for Vikas, he is out. 23-14 Titans are extending the lead. Again a do or die, Thakur claims one, denied. Ajay reviewing. 24-14. He thinks he has the touch and he also has a lunging hand. It doesn’t seem to be the toe but got the shoe. One touch point rewarded. 24-15. 

20:30 IST: Rahul is out, he does not review it. The hand came in around the lobbies. 22-13. Vikas is raiding and he is taking a good look but then refrains. Thakur with the raid, he needs points in clusters. Substitution, Dong Geon Lee comes in for the first time.

20:29 IST: Rahul gets a point at the blink of an eye. 20-11. Rohit Rana jumping in to get a tackle. Chaudhari is out. Vineet puts in a surprise ankle hold. Rahul’s positioning was not good. 20-12. Titans get one back, Farhad gets it. 22-12

20:22 IST: 17-11 AFTER THE FIRST HALF AS THE BUZZER GOES OFF. It was Rahul Chaudhari who dominated proceedings.

20:19 IST: The left corner from Vishal crouches low and gets his prey. 15-8, Titans running away with the show. Prapanjan uses his height to extend and get back, he closes the lead. 15-9. Rahul gets one back on do and die raid. 17-9. Vineet is ready to play safe. Substitution with 1 minute remaining, Anil makes way for Vijin. Thakur does not get a bonus. 17-11. Thalaivas get a default point.

20:15 IST: Salunke gets two. That brings Rahul on the mat. 11-8. Titans looking more cohesive. First allout and Titans have inflicted it. 14-8. 

20:10 IST: Nilesh is doing a good job, he is ready to wait. It seems both the teams are ready to play on do and die raids. 6-4 Titans lead. Nilesh is in for the do and die raid. He has got a touch. They extend their lead to 7-4. Another do and die raid, Vineet gets a bonus on do and die. 7-5. Rahul is caught on the super tackle, scores tied at 7-7. Thalaivas get a bonus point. 8-8. 

20:06 IST: Rahul goes without a point. Thakur has an empty raid. 3-3. The bonus is the order of the day. Rahul gets one touch point. Titans lead by one point. 4-3. Titans get a defence point. Chaudhari gets a touch point. Rahul uses the lobby well. 6-3. Titans lead. Thalaivas get one back. 6-4. 

20:02 IST: Ajay Thakur raids first, he gets a bonus point. 1-0. Rahul goes without a point. Prapanjan comes next. No point. 1-0. Rakesh gets one back. 1-1. Ajay Thakur gets a bonus. 2-1 to Thalaivas. Titans get one back thanks to Rahul. 2-2.

20:00 IST: Rahul Chaudhari wins toss opts for the side. They will make the first raid in he second half.

19:59 IST: The national anthems are done, and we are ready.

19:45 IST: Sachin Tendulkar in the house, he says, “Never thought would be an owner. I too have played Kabaddi. Everybody has played Kabaddi at some point in their life.”

19:26 IST: It also could be a match between the raiders of Titans versus the Thalaivas’ defenders. What do you reckon?

19:12 IST: The opening ceremony will start at 19:30 hrs, that is the latest we have.

19:00 IST: Are you ready for a fascinating season to begin?

18:47 IST: Live action will start at 2000 hrs. Be there only with

18:36 IST: Currently, the opening ceremony is underway, where biggies from Bollywood like Akshay Kumar will be present.

Hello and welcome to the live commentary of the opening match of the Pro Kabaddi League season 5. I am Ankit Banerjee and I will provide you all the live scores and updates from the opening match. So, tune into and its Facebook page to stay connected during the match. The southern derby it is that will start the Pro Kabaddi League 5 at the iconic Gachibawli stadium. The match will see Telugu Titans lock horns with neighbours and debutante franchise, Tamil Thalaivas. It will be a match where the pin-up boy of Indian Kabaddi will be up against an old warhorse in Ajay Thakur.

It will be a big ask for the defence or the back line of both the teams, as that could very well decide the eventual winner. The match begins at 2000 hrs. You can watch the match live on Star Gold and to catch the live streaming tune into Hotstar.

Telugu Titans

Rahul Chaudhari, Vishal Bharadwaj, Athul M S, Sombir, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan, Rakesh Kumar, Rohit Rana, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari ,Vinod Kumar, Amit Singh Chillar, Vikas Kumar, Vikas, Nilesh Salunke, Vinoth Kumar, Munish, Vikrant, Ankit Malik, Elangeshwaran R

Tamil Thalaivas

Ajay Thakur, Bhavani Rajput, Prathap, Rajesh, Anil Kumar, Amit Hooda, Mugilan, Donggeon Lee , Waleed Al Hasani, Chansik Park, Anil Kumar, C. Arun, Sanket Chavan, T. Prabhakaran, M. Thivakaran, Sombir, Vijay Kumar, Vijin Thangadurai, Muruthu M, Vineet Sharma, K. Prapanjan, Sujit Maharana, Darshan J., Sarang Arun Deshmukh, Ananthkumar