Not Cricket But This Sport Will Be Part Of The Olympics

While Indians are pushing for cricket in the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee voted in favour of bringing breakdancing to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet in a statement,

“I am delighted with the IOC Session’s vote in favour of our proposal to include breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games programme.”

Breakdancing, also called Breaking, is an athletic style of street dance. It was created by African-American and Latinx youth with the emergence of hip-hop in 1970s. Even the Indian cinema flirted with breakdance in movies like Woh Phir Aayegi (1988), Athisaya Piravi (1990) and Pasivadi Pranam (1987).

Known for infusing rap music and kung fu, the sport gained mainstream appeal and became popular in South Korea, Japan, the UK and France.

Other sports that will be a part of Paris 2024 include competitive climbing, surfing and skateboarding. The games will still need more vetting before they’re officially added to the Paris roster, with the final vote scheduled for December 2020.