MMA fighter poops in the ring during live match and the reason behind it will make you go ROFL -- Watch Video

This turned out to be one of the most bizarre incidents witnessed during a live match in the history of MMA

MMA, which is a full-contact combat sport involving techniques from other combat sports and martial arts, is not a forgiving sport and something like this happening is cause for massive embarrassment. MMA fighter Travis Wolford got a new nickname because of the embarrassing moment in the ring during his bout against Daniel Cooper. Wolford was struggling when Cooper choked him with a guillotine choke. But what happened next surprised everyone. When Cooper flipped Wolford over, Wolford defecated in the ring which was clearly visible on the camera. He reportedly suffered from explosive diarrhoea.

Though Wolford tapped out, his misery did not just end there. He got nicknamed as ‘The Brown Bomber’ after his bowel malfunction. One can actually see the trail of faeces dropped in the ring after Wolford got up and roamed around. It was embarrassing for him as the crowd started booing him on his way back to the locker room. The ‘walk of shame’ would be rather apt to describe what he went through after the match.

The reason behind the blunder –

Wolford has no one to blame for this blunder. As per reports, he went to a local chilli festival the night before his fight. It seems like he brought the inevitable upon himself by not following the norms.

What Travis had to say –

Travis said after the game, “Honestly I tried to hold it in as best I could it just didn’t work out too well… When I tapped I didn’t tap because of the guillotine choke I tapped because I didn’t want to get it on him.”

Here’s the video that went viral –

How commentators reacted –

‘Cooper just beat the crap out of Wolford – literally!’ one of the commentators said. We can’t really blame the commentators for the wordplay there.


Reaction from a random woman in the audience –

“Oh my God, I’m going to throw up.” We can’t blame her either, she bought the tickets for a fight, not this.


It would be long before Wolford is allowed to forget what happened to him in the ring, and would serve as one bold lesson for any MMA fighter contemplating whether to treat himself before the night of the match.