KRK blames Virat Kohli for India's loss against Sri Lanka, gets massively trolled on Twitter!

KRK not just attacked Virat Kohli for his performance in the India vs Sri Lanka match, he went ahead to say that the team lost because the captain was partying with Vijay Mallya

Kamaal R Khan, aka KRK, has shifted his goal post from Bollywood to cricket, this time targetting Virat Kohli for India’s loss against Sri Lanka in the ongoing Champions Trophy. The self-proclaimed Bollywood critic not just attacked Kohli for his performance, he went ahead to say that the team lost because the team captain was partying with Vijay Mallya, the beleaguered businessman who fled India after defaulting on loans worth Rs 9000 crore.

Taking to Twitter KRK said: “Bro @imVkohli fraud n wanted @TheVijayMallya Ke Sath party Karoge Toh Result Toh Yahi Hona hai! Gareebon Ki Haai Toh Jeetne Nahi Degi!”

Currently one of the world’s leading batsmen, Kohli got out on a duck against Sri Lanka on Thursday. And KRK wasn’t going to be the one to spare Kohli for the miss. Tweeting to Kohli he said that the captain got out without scoring but said that Indian team could have scored more runs, yet again saying he should invite Mallya.

In a country where cricket is considered a religion, Twitter wasn’t going to spare this Deshdrohi actor in any manner. Twitter decided to give him a burn, and how!

His reference to Mallya comes after the businessman attended a ‘charity dinner’ organised by Virat Kohli’s foundation recently. However, as per reports, the national cricket team including the skipper, maintained a safe distance from him at the event. The caution comes after Mallya, the fugitive businessman who has taken a refuge in England, was spotted at the India vs Pakistan match at Edgbaston. His presence at the match and his interaction with many cricketers including former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar had come under severe criticism.

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