Internet cannot deal with this Twitter user's 9 accurate predictions about the IPL final

Mumbai Indians won the final match of IPL season 10, 2017 and this Twitter use accurately predicted everything that was going to happen.

Mumbai Indians, led by Rohit Sharma, defeated Rising Pune Supergiants to take home the trophy in the final match of IPL season 10, 2017. The final match of the season had everything – epic partnerships, spectacular innings, a whole of action and a nail-biting finish. As it turns out, it also had a Twitter user accurately predicting everything that was going to happen in the match.

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If you are an ardent sports fan, you’re not new to match predictions. More often than not, every group of friends has at least one person who predicts what’s going to happen in the match. Whether they turn out to be right or not is a different matter however. In this user’s case however, the predictions turned out to be spot on.

Check them out:










The user, who goes by the name Cricket Insider (@theDcricket) has a sizable following of 3,705 followers. With the predictions turning out to be true on all counts, the inevitable happened.

a) People asked him/her if the match was ‘fixed’

b) People asked him/her if it was these predictions can be made for Champions Trophy as well

For the first Cricket Insider has responded with a ‘no’ as for the second, the answer is in the affirmative.

What is this sorcery, guys?