WATCH: These crazy football freestylers showboat their awe-inspiring skills

Football freestylers around the world are wooing millions by displaying their skills

Remember during our childhood we used to randomly play with a football? Well guess what? Freestyle football is now officially considered as a sport and also as an art of self-expression. Freestylers try to showboat their talent and skills by performing different tricks with a football. Freestyling is about developing one’s own way of displaying their passion for football. Tricks like the nutmeg, keepie-uppie are favourites amongst the freestylers, as they easily recognisable by the fans. Freestyling has seen a gradual surge in popularity worldwide thanks to advertisement campaigns and also due to the recent boom in social networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Freestylers upload their videos online, and in this digital era, it takes absolutely no time for it to go viral. Football freestyling is not only a trend, for some, it is the way they lead their life.

What is a NUTMEG?

Nutmeg is a unique technique in freestyle football which is targetting to kick or dribble the football between an opponent’s legs. The crazy trick is so famous that even professional footballers perform it during matches.

(Video: YouTube/FootballTricksOnline-Your Club)

What is a Keepie-Uppie?

Keepie-Uppie is another trick in freestyle football where the aim is to juggle the football using one’s feet, head, or any other body part other than one’s hands without allowing the football to hit the ground. It is also known as Keepie-Ups and Kick-ups. It is one of the most basic freestyling technique that freestylers perform.

(Video: YouTube/Barcroft TV)

Football freestylers also play a 1 vs 1 street game called ‘PANNA’ where the aim is to ‘NUTMEG’ your opponent and then retrieve the football. Freestyling competitions are being held all over the globe and such tournaments are proving to be an opportunity for freestylers to showcase their passion for the world’s most followed sport.

(Video: YouTube/STRskillSchool)