How Premier League came out in support of the LGBT community

The Premier League is all set to back Stonewall's Rainbow laces campaign to show their support for the LGBT community

The Premier League will sport the colours of the rainbow in the upcoming weekend, as all the 20 football clubs have agreed to collectively show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender fans. The English top-division league and all the football outfits will be backing the Rainbow Laces campaign, an initiative by Stonewall, an LGBT charity. Referees of all the 10 matches this weekend will sport rainbow laces boots, the players of the clubs will also do the same. Every match will start with an exclusive Premier League Rainbow Laces flag specially designed for the weekend to respect the LGBT community. On ground stadium advertisements will broadcast supporting messages.

The iconic Wembley stadium arch will also illuminate rainbow colours. Premier League just simply wants to boot homophobia out of football. Fans and players should not be judged on their sexuality or gender, football certainly needs to distance itself from such hypocrisy.

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The Premier League will be lit up in Rainbow colours this weekend. (Photo: Stonewall)

“The Premier League is all about exciting, passionate and unpredictable football that is for everyone, everywhere. The Rainbow Laces campaign complements the work clubs are doing to promote inclusion and diversity in their stadiums, and across all levels of the sport. Our support for the campaign is further recognition that the LGBT community is a vital and integral part of our community,” said Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore, as quoted by Daily Mail, a foreign publication.

The Premier League have always been the most distinguished football league in the world, time and again, it has successfully managed to be unitedly unique in one way or another. This weekend by supporting the LGBT campaign, it will again prove why it deserves to retain the status of being called the most standout football league in the history of the sport.