MS Dhoni's Appeal Was So Confident, He Left Umpires Stumped

At least the umpire's soft signal was not out

It has become a bit of a tradition for umpires and captains to reconsider or review a decision whenever MS Dhoni appeals. Usually, if Dhoni is confident, you WILL see DRS being taken, or on-field umpires signalling the third umpire. But this time MSD’s misplaced confidence left bowler Kedar Jadhav and umpires left rather stumped.

It happened in the 19th over of Australia’s innings today. Kedar Jadhav was bowling to Marcus Stoinis. It was a fuller delivery from Jadhav and Stoinis played it back to him. Jadhav caught hold the ball, but was appealing half-heartedly. It seemed quite clear that the ball had hit the ground just after Stoinis played the shot (more like a bump catch) but Dhoni’s appeal left everyone everyone second guessing their first instinct.

The Australian all-rounder was almost amused at the confusion as he knew he was safe. But Dhoni’s appeal made on-field umpires Nitin Menon and Joel Wilson discuss whether to send it upstairs to the third umpire or not. After the discussion, they decided to consult third umpire Kumara Dharamsena.

The replay clearly showed that the ball had bounced just after Stoinis’ shot. Seems like umpires took the commentators joke about the ‘Dhoni Review System’ instead of Decision Review System too seriously. Well, you can’t really blame them as most of the times he IS spot on.

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