Who That? Internet Truly Cannot Deal With Mohamed Salah's Bronze Statue

From now on sculptors should post the statue on the internet first to avoid getting trolled

Turns out, the hardest thing in the world is taking the likeness of famous footballers. Egyptian star footballer Mohamed Salah’s bronze statue sculpted by Mai Abdullah has become the Internet’s current favourite meme. The statue appears to have tiny arms, legs and giant head. The strange statue joins the list of epic fails including Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust at Madeira Airport and Diego Maradona’s 12 foot eyesore statue in Kolkata.

The statue was unveiled at the World Youth Forum (WYF) in Sharm Sheikh People have found new ways to make a meme out of the Liverpool star’s bronze statue.

I second it

Always messing them up

Is it too hard to pull off?

That head looks like an iceberg

Even though Salah has not commented on the statue, the sculptor took to Facebook respond to defend her work:

“The negative comments will not frustrate or have an effect on me, but I do hope that people would learn the art of polite and respectful criticism.”

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