FIFA World Cup 2018: Senegal Fans Celebrated Their Win Over Poland By Cleaning Stadium and Tweeps Love'em

Cleaning stadium is the new celebration

In just a few days from the start of FIFA World Cup in Russia, we have seen many different post-match celebrations. Mexicans celebrated their team’s win against Germany by creating an artificial earthquake whereas the English went wild at home while celebrating their win over Tunisia to such an extent that a fan even fell off the roof when Harry Kane scored a goal.

On June 19, Senegal fans went a step further after their team won against Poland by 2-1. We are not talking about the players on the field or the fans on the streets of Senegal, but those present in the stadium. Senegal fans stayed at the stadium after the match and helped the crew clean the stands after their team’s win.

This gesture of the African fans is winning many hearts on the internet.

This is not the first time that the fans helped the crew clean the stadium after the match. Earlier on the same day, Japanese fans did the same after their winning against Colombia by a score of 2-1. In the FIFA World Cup 2014 as well, Japanese fans did the same even after losing the match to Ivory Coast by 2-1.

Africans teams are known for celebrating on the field by dancing and what Senegalese players also gave us some innovative dance moves.

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With this win, Senegal became the first African team to clinch victory in FIFA World Cup 2018. They will next go up against Japan on June 24 then will play Colombia on June 28.

(Written by Abhijeet Ghumman)