FIFA World Cup 2018: Saudi Arabia Football Team Escapes As Plane Catches Fire Mid-air — Watch

The viral video caused panic as people were concerned about the players' safety

Saudi Arabia football team’s plane caught fire mid-air. One of the wings of the plane went up in flames and its footage has gone viral on social media. Luckily, all the players exited the flight without any injuries and arrived safely at Rostov-on-Don, Russia. People began expressing their concern about the safety of players as soon as the video surfaced. The Saudi Arabian Football Federation assured every one of the team’s safety by issuing a press release and sharing the pictures of players exiting the airport.

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Saudi Arabia will next go up against Uruguay in their second group match of FIFA World Cup 2018 finals on June 20. They were beaten quite comprehensively in the tournament opener by hosts Russia as the scoreline read 5-0.