Fake News Strikes Again, This Time Suresh Raina Is A Victim Of Vicious Death Rumour

Suresh Raina is alive and well

If you search Suresh Raina on YouTube, you will see clickbait pictures and headlines. The thumbnails of these videos have photos of cricketers getting emotional. Eventually, you realise these are video obituaries for the cricketer, who is, very much alive.

Clearly, these videos must have taken a toll on the 32-year-old as he tweeted,

The fans were relieved to hear about Raina’s well-being and it was a hoax. Sadly, this is not the first time a cricketer has been a victim of such hoaxes. Recently hoaxes about former New Zealand player Nathan McCullum and former Pakistan player Abdul Razzaq.

Their anger towards such YouTube channels is justified as these hoaxes affect emotion of millions of fans around the world. They don’t realise or ignore the magnitude of what they are doing just to make a quick buck. Let’s hope a strict action is taken against people like these are brought to justice.

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