Did Marcus Labuschagne Take The Best Catch Ever At Short Leg Position?

The amount of effort that went into keeping the ball from falling to the ground is breathtaking

The short leg position is dangerous for a fielder to field on, especially when a fast bowler is bowling. A helmet is not enough to protect from dangerous flicks and mistimed shots. The ball travels at lightning speeds and most catches at this position are a result of reflex actions.

Australian youngster Marcus Labuschagne was fielding at the tricky short leg position, that too when speedster Mitchell Starc was bowling. Pakistan’s opener Mohammad Hafeez tried to flick the ball off his pads. Watching it in real-time, the commentator said that it went straight into the hands but the slow-motion replay showed otherwise.

It happened so fast that the on-field umpires had to take a second opinion on whether the ball actually touched the ground or not. The ball first struck his left thigh which made him lose his balance. As he fell towards his right, the ball bounced off his right knee. While falling over, Labuschagne crossed his knees to stop the ball from reaching the ground. Finally, he got his hands to the ball and completed the catch.

Here’s the video of the blinder from the 24-year-old:

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The ridiculous catch from the Australian left Hafeez surprised as he waited for the umpire to give his decision. Labuschagne had pulled off what former Australian cricketer David Boon used to do in 90s.