BCCI refuses to give footage of Sachin Tendulkar's matches for Master Blaster's biopic at discounted price

Sachin Tendulkar's film Sachin: A Billion Dreams has created quite the buzz since the trailer of it released

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has refused to allow the production company 200 Not Out, for using footage related to the matches of Sachin Tendulkar at any discounted price. The board has however allowed the production company to use the farewell speech which the Master Blaster gave on retirement at Wankhede Stadium. The footage of Sachin’s speech is three minutes and 50 seconds long.

200 Not Out is the co-producer of the film Sachin: A Billion Dreams that chronicles the journey of the great batsman from the start.

A report in Indian Express suggested that the copyright for all the matches belong to the board and whoever wishes to use them for commercial footage would have to buy them. When the film was made on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, which was produced by his friend Arun Pandey, the makers had to apparently pay Rs 1 crore to the board for footage of the matches. In fact, former skipper Saurav Ganguly too had to pay a certain amount to get his hands on the footage.

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The BCCI apparently charges for every second of the footage. “The BCCI has a policy in place. The board didn’t give concession to Dhoni for his biopic then how can board change its rules for Tendulkar’s biopic. After all it’s a commercial movie, which is going to be shown in theaters. Already the trailer that they released has got more than a million hits. The board’s stance was also informed to the Committee of Administrators,” a top official from BCCI was quoted by Indian Express.

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“We are working with BCCI and have requested them that ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ is a non-fiction biographical film that is being released theatrically and therefore considers revision of rates for the footage with the introduction of a new genre,” told Ravi Bhagchandka the producer of the film to Indian Express.