Cheerleaders dance to 'Ghoomar' song from Padmaavat during NBA match, Twitterati troll Karni Sena as video goes viral

Hmmm...we wonder what Karni Sena would do now?

Padmaavat might have faced tonnes of backlash from Rajput Karni Sena but the criticism hasn’t dimmed the popularity of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie. Honeybee cheerleaders danced to the beats of ‘Ghoomar’ from Padmaavat on the basketball court and stole the show during an NBA clash between Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat. The match took place on January 28 but NBA posted the video of the performance on January 30 and since then, it has gone viral.

Here’s the video –

Ranveer Singh, who plays the role of Khilji in the movie, liked the video tweet posted by NBA. Here’s how Raveena Tandon and others reacted to it –

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People took a dig at Karni Sena too, who have caused havoc in several states upon the film’s release despite the Supreme Court paving way for the movie to release.