Casey Neistat's crazy human droneboarding is nothing less than a Christmas miracle

A drone that can lift humans? If you think we are joking, Casey Neistat is sure to prove you wrong

Drone racing is one thing but human droneboarding? Yes, YouTuber Casey Neistat who is known to make the impossible things possible, actually managed to fly with the help of a drone. Drones that are available in the market are not meant to lift a human being, but the 35-year-old American, who hails from Connecticut, was definitely able to build a homemade drone which simply allowed him to fly! Btw, did you know that there also happens to be a submarine drone called ‘the mariner’?

(Courtesy: YouTube/CaseyNeistat)

In the video, first the giant drone is introduced to the viewers, and judging by the looks of it, the drone needed rocket science engineering to make things work. The safety was probably the main concern while executing the human drone-boarding stunt. Neistat had a rope attached to his harness and the drone. When the action finally begins, Casey is seen holding onto the rope while snowboarding. While travelling inside the town, he even manages to fist pump the cheering bystanders.

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The drone was being controlled by his brother Van Neistat. The fact that he was able to easily steer his way on- and off-road shows how confident the YouTuber was throughout the video. The standout act of the video was when the drone completely lifted Casey, as he flew over a house. Now that my friend is not something you see every day, in fact, the chances of doing the same may be beyond anyone’s imagination, except Casey Neistat that is! We are also glad that he managed to prove that the sky is the limit.


If you are intrigued just like us as to how it was all possible then perhaps you should check out the ‘behind the scenes’ video that YouTuber PrankvsPrank uploaded. There were struggles definitely but despite the problems Casey Neistat was able to complete a human drone-boarding challenge like a boss!

(Courtesy: YouTube/PrankvsPrank)