Do you know that there is a real sport called Drone Racing?

Drone Racing happens to be the sport of the future!

Ever thought what could be the sport of the future? Well apparently, it is Drone Racing! It is a real sport where players navigate their remote-controlled drones through obstacle courses. How cool is that? Almost everyone in the world loves racing and now they all get to experience drone racing, just try to picture that for a moment. We bet you have never felt such an adrenaline rush!

In drone racing, the pilots control the drones which are basically a radio-controlled aircraft equipped with cameras. The players wear a head-mounted display goggles that show the live stream feed from the camera to operate the drone in first person view mode. The objective of drone racing is to finish the tight fast-paced obstacle course as soon as possible! If this isn’t cool, we don’t know what is.

Drone, Drone Racing, sport

Drone Racing is the Sport of the Future! (Photo: YouTube / Drone Racing League)

Drones are generally light weight in nature with electric motors and have four blades with a basic X-pattern. This gives the drone the torque it requires to accelerate and maneuver with agility and speed! Due to the drone controls being quite sensitive, the participants need to pilot the drones with a steady hand in addition to having a quick reaction time in order to avoid crashes and damage to the aircraft.

Drone Racing, drones, sport

People are going gaga over tech-savvy Drone Racing! (Photo: YouTube / Drone Racing League)

The Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) which also goes by the name of The World Air Sports Federation is the world governing body for air sports, it has its set of sporting codes, and is also responsible for sanctioning Drone Racing events. Drones are of two types – racing drone and observatory drone. A racing drone is designed to focus all its energy on moving forward while an observatory drone used for photography and video purposes focus simply on hovering.