Women strayed away from Indian culture is why Bengaluru mass molestation took place: Abu Azmi

Abu Azmi evoked a heated controversy by saying that the allegedly harassed women have been strayed away from the 'Indian culture.'

Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi evoked a heated controversy on January 3 by making an insensitive on the Bangalore molestation case. Azmi blamed those women who were allegedly harassed on New Year’s eve saying that they have been strayed away from the ‘Indian culture.’

The SP’s Mumbai unit chief said,” In this modern era, the more women wear short clothes, the more fashionable, modern and educated they are considered. And this thing is rising up in the country. This is a blot on our culture.”

“If my sister or daughter is wandering around on December 31 with some guy who is not her brother or husband, then I Think this is not acceptable,” he added.

He also mentioned that the people will hate him after he had made his statement but he reiterated that he was speaking the ‘truth’. He said,”If there’s petrol near fire, it will burn. If there is sugar, ants will definitely come. A lot of people will be angry with me for saying this, but that’s alright because this is the truth.”

On December 31, thousand of revelers gathered in the busy areas of MG Road and Brigade Road in Bangalore where several men groped and verbally abused women revelers even as policemen were present in huge numbers. While the crowd in Bengaluru is known for being unruly during New Year celebrations, this time round the deadline for celebrations were extended to way beyond 2 am.