Watch hilarious video: Biker gets towed along with his bike in Kanpur

After the bike rider refused to pay the fine, traffic police towed the rider along with his bike in Kanpur and the video has gone viral on social media

We all must have seen that the bikes of traffic violators being towed away by the traffic police. Most of the times the traffic violators do not cooperate with the cops. So, in order to avoid the scuffle, traffic police have found a better option which is- take the traffic violators along with them. Such happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur.

A hilarious video of a biker being towed along with his bike has gone viral on social media. The incident happened when a bike was parked in the no-parking area in the Bada Chauraha, Kanpur when traffic police tried to tow the bike. But the rider refused to get off his bike and pay the fine for the rule violations.

That’s when cops decided to get the job done other ways. The traffic police towed the bike rider along with his bike.