Virender Sehwag asks Twitter 'what they connect with', the responses will leave you ROFLing

If you don't follow Virender Sehwag's Twitter feed, what are you even doing?

The Nawab of Najafgarh Virender Sehwag is known for scoring sixes – either with his willow wood or his quick-wit. The man has turned even more popular even since his debut on micro-blogging site Twitter in 2009. We saw an astronomical surge in his popularity thanks to his upbeat and witty Twitter feed. From funny one-liners, his hilarious jokes, short clips and sarcastic take on current issues, Virender Sehwag has never disappointed his loyal fan following on now 10.1 million followers.  His insights are a delight to read and the legendary cricket has a funny yet intelligent take on current issues. Sure, he has landed himself in many controversies due to his tweets (Ahem, Gurmehar Kaur!) but that is bound to happen if you are a famous personality in India with an opinion.

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Twitterati love Sehwag’s innings on Twitter just like they did on the field. So when Viru paaji comes up with a hilarious take or any comment or question, his Twitter feed explodes with thousands of likes, comments and retweets. Like today morning, when the quirky Virender Sehwag put forth a question for his fellow netizens, Twitter gushed with joy and ushered their own creative answers.

Sehwag asked his fans through a tweet stating: “What is a thing, a person(s) ,an animal ,a place ,you connect most with ?”

And this is what he got:


Sehwag is winning our hearts with his Twitter feed. Tell us your favourite tweet in the comment section below.



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